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10 approved Sorare goalkeepers to absolutely buy now

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

It's been yet another exciting year in football. Union Sint-Gilles rising to the top of the league in Belgium. The transfer sagas of Mbappé and Haaland and more to come. Feyenoord's rise in the Conference league and Real Madrid's road to Champions League victory surely is a chapter for the history books.

With the leagues coming to an end, the prices of the European players have dropped. The bear market in crypto might feel like it's bad news but it isn't. I know it feels counterintuitive to invest when it's in the red but remember the saying: "the time to buy is when there's blood in the streets". Let's buy some cheap Sorare goalkeepers!

Here is the ETH graph since the start of the year.

Price graph eth 2022

I'll be giving a top 10 of interesting or cheap Sorare goalkeepers who I think will be having an increase in value, be it short-time or long-time. This can be based on anything and I'll try and explain it briefly. We are no truth-sayers nor are we related to Nostradamus in any way. I take this opportunity to remind everyone that I'm not a professional, do your own research before investing in crypto or buying Sorare cards.

The initial idea was to make a top 44 because the great Jose Chilavert scored 44 goals in his career. But I've underestimated the amount of work that pours into a project like this.

Research, writing, and rewriting whenever someone gets transferred. So I've stopped at ten interesting or cheap Sorare goalkeepers. Pro Sorare tip: Always check the prices of the cards before buying, as most of these players are going to be linked in the media with other teams, and their prices will fluctuate heavily. Check out the blog post about Mile Svilars price fluctuation, purely because of an increase in media coverage.

Here are our top 10 interesting or cheap Sorare goalkeepers, in no particular order. Enjoy!

  • Bart Verbruggen (Anderlecht) People who are following Anderlecht, or our blog, know this is a highly regarded talent. Verbruggen made his debut in the first team last season. The current first keeper, Van Crombrugge, is being linked to PSV, David made a blogpost about it. If Van Crombrugge will stay at Anderlecht and stays healthy, Verbruggen will be the second choice. If not Verbruggen will get his chance, the Anderlecht board already expressed their confidence in him and he seems ready and eager to be number one. Read our blogpost about Anderlecht here.

  • Andriy Lunin (Real Madrid) Lunin is a massive talent but unfortunately, he's being blocked by the best goalkeeper in the world Thibaut Courtois. Lunin is already 23 years old and in a key stage of his development. His patience is running thin and wants to move to a new club. Real is happy with his performances but they won't object to a move and are thinking about David Ospina (Napoli). Lunin is currently being linked to Villareal. This is a move that will set a waterfall of transfers so pay attention, Sorare managers!

  • Hervé Koffi (Charleroi) Koffi has had a two-faced season. In the first half of the season, he has had some very strong performances. He brought his good form and confidence to the AFCON, reaching the final four with his team Burkina Faso. The second part of the season was less impressive with some small errors and an injury. Bingourou Kamara took his place. Koffi is a 90% sure starter for next year in Charleroi, that alone is already interesting for us Sorare managers, what is even more interesting is his limited cards are currently at their lowest price ever, cheap Sorare goalkeeper alert. You can read an in depth view of the goalkeeper situation in our blog.

  • Zion Suzuki (Urawa Red Diamonds) I don't think there are many managers out there who already know Zion Suzuki, if you do, please contact us so you can be a guest writer on our blog. Zion Suzuki, 19yo, is the current second goalkeeper for Uruwa Red behind team captain Nishikawa. Born in the USA, his father was Japanese, his mother from Ghana, but he grew up in Japan. Zion hasn't played a lot of official J-League games yet but has been playing the cup games quite impressively, earning him the J-League New Hero Award. He's also being called up for the youth games with Japan National team. Interesting stuff for sure, but don't take my word for it. Sorare has a J-League specialist, Matsuyama, who said "It's hard to say when Zion will get his hands on the number 1 shirt but it's safe to say he is one of the brightest talents coming through and has a very bright future ahead of him." And with an awesome football name as "Zion Suzuki", things are looking up for the talented goalkeeper.

  • Berke Özer (Fenerbahçe) Turkish player Berke Özers contract with Fenerbahçe almost ends and won't be renewed. Berke has already been featured a few times in our blogs as he is currently being linked with a few clubs. One of those clubs is Westerlo who just promoted back to the first division in the Jupiler Pro League and where he had a loan spell. AA Gent is also interested as Sinan Bolat is leaving. And also Anderlecht is being named, the financial situation at Anderlecht is better than last year, but a free goalkeeper is a good pick-up if Van Crombrugge would leave. Berke would be in the balance with Verbruggen or Roef for the first spot. You can read our blogpost about Anderlecht here, and the situation at Gent here.

  • Mile Svilar (AS Roma) I've already posted an extensive article about Svilars recent price fluctuations. It's a reoccurring theme but Svilar is another huge prospect waiting for a spot as the first goalkeeper. I really wanted him to move to a Belgian, Dutch, or even a French team so he could get some much-needed playing time, but he ended up going to Mourinho's AS Roma. I don't see him challenging the first goalkeeper spot next season, Rui Patricio is a legend and has just won the Conference League. It looks like he'll be challenging the spot in 2024/2025. If you're patient, Svilar is a good pick-up. His price is also dropping again so take note Sorare managers!

  • Arnaud Bodart (Standard) We have a soft spot for Bodart as he scored a goal two seasons ago. His club Standard is a big mess though, finishing 14th this season. A complete disgrace for the fiery club Liège. The club recently got bought by 777, an American investment company, that also owns Genua, Vasco Da Gama, and a minority part of Sevilla. It's very uncertain what will happen to Standard. Last season he was amongst the best goalkeepers in Belgium with very high-quality performances, and in the end, he was the captain of his team is just 23 years old. After a few mistakes, Bodart lost his spot to Henkinet and his price has been in a steady decline ever since. Needless to say, I also have a soft spot for talented players with a bright future who can be picked up cheap on Sorare.

  • Koen Casteels (Wolfsburg) Nothing complicated about why Casteels is on this list. Team captain of Wolfsburg and has a contract till 2024. In the 2020/21 season, Casteels put in a stellar performance by keeping his nets clean for 673 minutes in the Bundesliga. It is safe to say that Casteels is proven quality. He's being linked every summer with the absolute elite teams in Europe, Bayern, and Barcelona, ... But so far nothing concrete. He's 29 years old at the moment, it might be his last chance to make a big transfer. But the real reason he's on this list is his price. You can pick up a limited card for 0.0865 ETH right now.

  • Senne Lammens (Club Brugge) Next on our list, is the second goalkeeper of Club Brugge Senne Lammens. David wrote an extensive analyse on our blog. Lammens is in his last contract year and Brugge already said they will try to extend it. Mignolet has had a difficult season, with some injuries and subpar performances before the new year, but managed to finish the league very strong, almost single-handedly winning them the league. Nevertheless, Mignolet is getting older, and here and there are some rumors about him retiring sooner than we would think. Senne Lammens seems a good buy if you have patience.

  • Christian Früchtl (Bayern Munchen) Goalkeeper: check. Young: check. Talent: check. Ending contract: check. Cheap goalkeeper: check. Difficult surname: check. I love the smell of opportunity in the morning. Früchtl contract ends in 2023, which means there is something bound to happen, be it a transfer, loan, or new contract. It seems a transfer is the most likely to happen. Like Lunin, Früchtl needs match training to develop his skills and get some much-needed experience. Früchtl’s disastrous loan to 1. FC Nuremberg during the 20/21 season was a killer for his individual development because he appeared in zero matches. Upon returning to Bayern Munich last summer, fractured his collarbone and missed 83 days. The only rumor I have found on where Früchtl could be headed is newly promoted Schalke04, but it will surely have to be somewhere where he can compete for a starting role.

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