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The goalkeepers in PSV Eindhoven

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

You have voted on my Twitter poll @Elbelga, about what should be the next Sorare blog post. For the first time we go abroad and talk about other teams besides the Belgian ones, today we talk about Dutch topside PSV.

PSV have four goalkeepers under contract:

Yvon Mvogo

  • 27 years (on loan from RB Leipzig)

  • Marketvalue: € 2.500.000

Joel Drommel

  • 25 years (contract till 2026)

  • Marketvalue: € 4.500.000

Vincent Müller

  • 21 years (contract till 2023)

  • Marketvalue: € 300.000 (under23 in SO5 till 2025)

Maxime Delanghe

  • 21 years (contract till 2023)

  • Marketvalue: € 300.000 (under23 in SO5 till 2025)


I think it's fair to say: if PSV had a very good goalie this season, they might have been very close on winning the league. The goalkeeper position was a reason for discussion all season long and that's not a good sign for a topteam in Holland. Drommel started the season and played most of the matches, but Yvon Mvogo ended the season, playing the last two months.

Mvogo already made his professional debut at the age of 19, playing for Swiss team Young Boys Bern, same team where he played his youth. Being the sub for clublegend Marco Wölfli (1st keeper in Bern for more then 10 years), Mvogo had his chance when Wölfli got injured, a really serious injury which made him lose around 8 months. But from the start it was quiet clear Mvogo was very talented, and after Wölfli came back from injury, the number 1 spot was secured by Mvogo. He would keep that spot three more years, making a name for himself as very consistent goalkeeper, playing for a team fighting for the title every season.

A U23 goalkeeper playing every match is not only interesting for Sorare managers, but also the real teams in Europe started to gain interest.

When he moved to RB Leipzig in 2017, the thought was he would end up being the number 1 there. But that didn't happen at all. Gulasci became number 1 in Germany when Leipzig was still in the 2nd Bundesliga (2015) and Mvogo was bought to give competition and being the next goalkeeper in Leipzig. Gulasci kept on playing on a very consistent and high level, so there was not really a reason to change the keeper, even under different managers. Mvogo would end up playing only a couple of official matches during three seasons time.

It was time to move from Leipzig, he ended up in PSV for two seasons on loan. His first season he was the number 1 in Holland, winning the competition against Unnerstall (currently at Twente). PSV decided to buy Drommel last summer from Twente and RB Leipzig was starting to doubt if Mvogo should stay in Eindhoven that 2nd season, as there was a risk he could lose value. They actually had the idea to bring him back and sell him. After all he stayed in Holland but it was Drommel who played most of it (although the performance of Drommel was not that great).

Mvogo actually got his chance the beginning of february after Drommel his poor performances, but Mvogo made a mistake that match (against AZ) and he lost his spot again, which was a weird decision from the manager to change your goalie again after one match.

Manager communicated that the future is Drommel and not an on loan player, so everybody thought Mvogo would be benched again for the rest of the season. But beginning of april Mvogo got his chance again, after an again poor performance from Drommel. Mvogo would play the rest of the season, playing on a quiet good level, important for his own future.

Although there were some rumours PSV was even considering in keeping him, it was communicated Mvogo will not stay in PSV and has to go back to RB Leipzig. With a contract till 2023, Mvogo will most probably not stay in Leipzig. Gulasci is number 1 and Blaswich number 2 in Leipzig, also Martinez still under contract (who will most probably leave as well). A lot of teams searching for a new 1st goalkeeper will have his name on their list, especially after his good performances those last weeks. In winter there were some rumours from French teams or even a return to Switzerland, no new rumours these weeks though.

Joel Drommel played a very unfortunate first season in Eindhoven, losing his spot twice during the season and not confirming his level he showed in previous seasons playing for Twente.

Same as Mvogo, he also made his pro debut at a very young age, in his case just being 18 years old. As a youth player from Twente he won the spot from Nick Marsman (currently at FC Miami), another goalie from the youth academy and already the gk for some seasons at that time. Drommel played more then 10 competition matches, but it was Marsman who could win the fight for 1st gk again. It would take more then another full season until Drommel became the number 1 . When Marsman moved to Utrecht on a free transfer, it was the time for Drommel to step up and gain that spot. But that didn't happen immediately.

Twente bought Brondeel (currently at Willem II) from Lierse, after he played a very good season at NAC on loan. But Brondeel couldn't continue his form from the season before and after all lost his spot to Drommel. Drommel would not lose that spot anymore in Twente, being their number 1 goalkeeper for another three seasons. He was named one of the best goalkeepers in the league the last seasons, so different teams started to show interest in him. It was PSV who could bring him in last summer.

He got the chance from the manager to be number 1, even earning a call up for the Dutch national team, but his performances were not great. Off course there were some good matches as well, but too many errors and at a certain moment the goalkeeper in the league with the least amount of saves.

The big question is what will happen next season. With Mvogo leaving, for sure PSV will bring in another goalkeeper, and that might just be a new 1st goalkeeper. A lot of rumours around goalkeepers in Eindhoven, Van Crombrugge, Green, Krul, Cleiton, Hugo Souza and Cillessen amongst them.

The club stated they still believe in Drommel and with new manager Van Nistelrooy (yes thé Van Nistelrooy) still unclear what will happen in goal. Would make sense the club would send him on loan somewhere. New manager managed the B-team in PSV this season and knows the young goalkeepers very well, question is if he would see any of them fit enough to bring competition to a new goalkeeper or he wants to keep Drommel around and let him have an honest fight for the 1st gk spot against a new goalkeeper.

A lot of media communicated that Vincent Müller would leave the club this summer. He could never convince the club, although he got his chance in the Dutch 2nd division as PSV-2 plays his matches there. Not any rumours till now around the German. Delanghe also played some matches for PSV-2 and is in the u21 squad from Belgium. Media rumours are that Delanghe would leave on loan this summer to win some playtime on a higher level.

Delanghe, Müller and Peersman all played matches this season in the 2nd division but its the last one who seems to be the biggest talent, being only 17 years old.

Disclaimer: this is not any Sorare or financial advice, i am just expressing my own ideas. Do your own research if you would want to buy or sell one of their cards.

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