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Analysis of Sorare goalkeeper Mile Svilar's recent Sorare price fluctuations

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Mile Svilar is a Belgian/Serbian goalkeeper, currently playing for Benfica. Mile Svilar was a member of the Purple Talent group, a status reserved for the best of the best within the highly regarded Anderlecht youth academy. Svilar was allowed to move up to the first team in 2016. As the third goalkeeper, however, he did not get any playing minutes. In August 2017, at the age of 18, he decided to move to SL Benfica with a transfer fee of two million euros.

His career with Benfica started very promising. He won his first cup game and four days later, he made his Champion League debut against Mourinho's Man United. He broke Iker Casillas's record as the youngest goalkeeper to ever play in the Champions League. that record is now being hold by Maarten Van De Voort.

He's debut was a bit 'shaky', with him making a mistake leading to a goal. You can see Lukaku's speaking with him after the game and Mourinho also had very high praise for Svilar in the press conference after the game.

After that game, Svilar almost disappeared completely, playing three official games in three years and playing mostly in the B-team.

Rewatch Svilars game against Man Utd:

Till an article on Belgium's leading sport website Sporza on 20/1/22 about Svilar and his future. Tons of different possibilities for a talented and young goalkeeper, who has an ending contract this summer.

Benfica offered a new improved contract, but Svilar wants a different project. An interesting rumour for us Sorare managers.

I believe the article on Sporza has had a direct influence on Svilar market price. As the article appeared online on 20/1 and the first price hike started also on 20/1/2022. You can read the article here, it's in dutch.

Price graph of the limited Sorare card of Mile Svilar

As you can see, i also bought a limited card of Svilar for 108 euro (yellow dot) right after the initial price hike. I had the same idea as many others. He needs to leave this summer and play games so he can improve. Which is also what his father said:

He doesn't want to stay at Benfica. His sportive future is too uncertain here - there are not enough opportunities (at Benfica). Have we received any offers? Nothing concrete yet, but clubs from Belgium and the Netherlands are already asking. - Ratko Svilar

What i also found convincing is that Benfica wanted to give him a new contract, which for me indicated they still believed in his talent. So i bought a relative cheap Sorare goalkeeper.

The following weeks some rumours circulated on the internet about his future. He was linked with Antwerp and not unlikely as his father is a old Antwerp player. But AS Roma was the most valid. Not surprisingly since there are some familiar faces at AS Roma. First of all head coach José Mourinho, Svilar has left a good impression on their encounter almost 5 years ago, but also the director is a known face as Tiago Pinto is the same one who brought Svilar from Anderlecht to Benfica.

We can see another, bigger, Sorare price hike on 4/3/2022 and i think it is because of this tweet by Fabrizio Romano. Fabrizio is an Italian reporter and well informed about transfers. Supposedly he coined the term "here we go", but we all know is was Super Mario who started it.

Fabrizio Romano tweet about Mile Svilar

During this periode i was disappointed in Svilar: "He's not going to play in AS Roma, what a stupid transfer". I told myself and anyone who wanted to hear it. So i sold my card on Sorare for 158 euro and made some money. Green dot on the chart.

The third and last price increase is because of the news of him transferring to AS Roma was being confirmed. You can read the Sporza article here. It's also in dutch.

I do believe knowing this information make you smarter in timing the moment you pull the trigger and buy a Sorare card. You can pick up cheap Sorare goalkeepers, under market value. Do not be afraid to sell your Sorare cards.

But is it a stupid transfer like i initially thought? Let's have a closer look.

It seems an open and shut case who will be the first goalkeeper next season; Rui Patricio.

Today the second keeper is Fuzato, now Fuzato seems interesting for us Sorare managers. His contract expires next season and some teams have already shown interest. AS Roma might be willing to sell him this summer, opposed to letting him leave for free next summer. Which would make Svilar second GK for next season and the season after Svilar should be ready to take over gradually as Patricio's contract expires in 2024.

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