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The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Sorare Goalkeepers (Part 2)

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

As promised, here is part 2 of our guide to finding a Sorare goalkeeper for your budget. This query has become increasingly significant due to the revamped competition and the inclusion of CAP modes on Sorare.

Although it may seem like a simple question, there are various potential responses and numerous unknown variables to consider.

But don't worry, Chasing Chilavert is here to help! We've scoured Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and other online platforms for recommendations on affordable Sorare goalkeepers, and we've compiled a list of over 60 potential options. This is the second part of our comprehensive analysis of budget-friendly Sorare goalkeepers. You can find part 1, right here.

Robbin Ruiter (Cambuur)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Ruiter

Another one of the cheapest options on the market today. I just sold my limited reward card of Robbin Ruiter for about 8,5 euros.

Cambuur is last in the Eredivisie and with three teams going down, it doesn't look good for them. The 4-1 loss last week against another team in trouble, Excelsior, doesn't help. Their next game against Emmen is make or break. If they lose, the relegation battle is over for Cambuur. Other negative talking points are his age (35) and his contract that ends this summer. Nothing positive to mention except his price? Well, last year he was on the radar of Ajax, they wanted him as a backup goalie. Ruiter is the first goalkeeper but only since January this year, the coach wanted more experience. He took the spot from João Virgínia, who is on loan from Everton.

Stijn van Gassel (Excelsior)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Van Gassel

Let's continue in the basement of the Eredivisie with the goalkeeper of Excelsior Stijn van Gassel. His prices are floating around the 15 euros mark, that's double the price of Ruiter but still a cheap option for a Sorare goalkeeper. His age is more interesting for us Sorare managers, he's (26), and also has the one-sided option to prolong his contract (that ends this summer) by the club.

Excelsior has the worst defense in the Dutch league, but the 4-1 win last week against Cambuur was much-needed and put them just outside the relegation zone.

Sergio Asenjo (Valladolid)

Jordi Masip (Valladolid)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Asenjo
Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Masip

Less than a gamble than Dutch relegation-fighting goalkeepers are the goalkeepers in one of the big 5 leagues. As you know, the second division is also covered. Even more, it might be a strategic option to buy less-performing goalkeepers in the first league and 'hope' they relegate so they can have a top season the next year.

Former youth player Asenjo rejoined his beloved team, Valladolid, last summer. He was the starting goalkeeper at first but lost the spot after a few games and only recently re-took when Jordi Masip had an unfortunate shoulder injury. Both their contract run till the summer of 2024. It's very unsure who will be the starting goalkeeper when Masip returns from his injury. It seems unlikely Asenjo keeps his spot but with a few good performances, who knows? Latest rumors indicate Masip will be back in action around the end of April.

Erdem Canpolat (Kasimpasa) Günay Güvenç (Kasimpasa, on loan from Gaziantep)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Canpolat
Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Guvenc

The cheapest goalkeeper in this series so far is the Canpolat, but let's be very clear before you start throwing your money at him, he's not a starter. I've added him because the story is interesting. Canpolat joined Kasimpasa a few years ago from the second team of Schalke04. A few months ago his price shot up because stars lined up in favor of his game. He was the starting goalkeeper as he took the starting spot of Taskiran. He was the only U23 goalkeeper eligible to play during that particular game week so he was pretty interesting all of a sudden. He played a few games with mixed results. Mid-February Kasimpasa announced the signing of a new goalkeeper Guynay Guvenc, who joined on loan from Gaziantep. Gaziantep is one of Turkey's largest cities: over 2 million people live there. They were also the epicenter of the horrendous earthquakes of a few months ago. So the Turkish club has withdrawn from football competitions.

Guvenc is also an affordable starting goalkeeper with a price ranging around 20 euros. It is unclear who will be the starting goalkeeper for next year at Kasimpasa; as Guvenc will go back to Gaziantep. Something to keep an eye on.

Lovre Rogic (Sibenik)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Rogic

Sibenik is currently second to one last in the league. However, there is only one team that relegates at the end of the season. With 8 points again the last team, it looks like Sibenik will maintain themselves in the first league of Croatia. Their goalkeeper is the 27-year-old Lovre Rogic, who has an exceptional L5 at the moment. His Sorare cards can be picked up for under 25 euros at the moment.

To be honest I don't know the Croatian league too well but he looks like a good buy from what I can tell. His contract does end this summer and it's unclear if he'll stay or leave.

Benjamin Leroy (Ajaccio)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Leroy

Leroy is the goalkeeper for Ajaccio in Ligue 1, who are unfortunately in the relegation zone. Although it is still very close together it doesn't look good for the biggest team in Corsica.

His contract is ending this summer, and a team that looks like relegation and his scores are abysmal. He can be picked up for under 11 euros. You take a risk by picking him up. He might end up getting a new contract in the Ligue 2 but he might end up being the second goalkeeper next year somewhere else.

Trevor Carson (St Mirren)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Carson

I wouldn't go so far as calling Carson a hidden gem, but he is an interesting card to pick up if you do not have a big budget. His cards go around 10-11 euros.

Although his scores aren't that good, he is a very appealing pick-up if you are playing in the capped 220 or 240 leagues. He is a starting goalkeeper in a midtable team and most importantly he just signed a new deal till 2025 with St Mirren. St Mirren is enjoying a successful season, and thus far, he has proven to be a dependable asset for the team. While the unpredictable nature of football always leaves room for uncertainty, it appears unlikely that he will lose his position anytime soon. Additionally, St Mirren currently sits comfortably away from the relegation danger zone.

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