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The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Sorare Goalkeepers (Part 1)

Updated: Jul 20

The question we get asked the most is "what cheap Sorare goalkeeper do you recommend?" And, of course, the player needs to get a decent amount of points.

Given the revamped competition and the inclusion of CAP modes on Sorare, this inquiry appears to be increasingly significant.

It's an easy question but with a wide range of possible responses and a lot of unknown variables. What Sorare league are you aiming for? What is cheap for you? What are your other players? etc...

Very recently, 'cheap' has gotten a new meaning on Sorare. Sorare flooded the market with newly minted cards thus dropping the prices and leaving the early adopter in shambles and not to speak of the current crypto bear market.

Chasing Chilavert to the rescue! We scoured the world wide web so you don't have to. Whenever someone asked for a cheap Sorare goalkeeper on Reddit, Discord, Twitter, .... We took note of all the recommendations and made a big list of +60 cheap goalkeepers. And then we went to work.

This is part 1 of our big analyses of cheap Sorare goalkeepers. Enjoy!

Jasper Cillessen (NEC)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Cillessen

As I said in the introduction, the meaning of the word cheap is different for everyone. Although the current 44 euro for Cillessen seem like a good deal, I'm guessing his price might go down a bit more. A few weeks ago his price was around 35 euros and his current L5 is 'inflated'. The European leagues are coming to an end, with only 10'ish games to go in the Dutch Eredivisie. His contract runs till 2025 and NEC's second goalkeeper Mattijs Branderhorst already said he's making a move this summer. We've done a full write-up on Branderhorst in our popular Sorare blog post about goalkeepers without a contract this summer a few weeks ago. We suggest you also check that one out.

Sinan Bolat (Westerlo)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Bolat

Newly promoted side Westerlo is currently playing one of their best seasons ever. They are fighting for a spot in play-off 1 (first four teams). I doubt they'll be getting a spot with the first four as Club Brugge, Gent, and Standard are also eyeing the same spot. But even play-off two will be an achievement. Bolat is already a bit older but is still performing very well, although his scores might not reflect it. He should be keeping his spot for next season, but you'll never know with club hopper Bolat and the Turkish owners of Westerlo. He has a contract till 2026. I own a card of Bolat and mainly use him in capped leagues when the Westerlo is facing a good match-up.

Xavier Mous (Heerenveen)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Mous

One of the most affordable Sorare goalkeepers on the list today is Xavier Mous. Only 27 years old and most recently became starting goalkeeper because the first goalkeeper Noppert is injured.

It is also rumored that Noppert might make a transfer this summer and this Mous could become the first goalkeeper. Unfortunately, since Noppert's injury, the team has been performing abysmally and Mous his scores are even worse. Although the media is reporting that the recent poor performances aren't completely the fault of Mous. Time will tell what the goalkeeper situation will be next season. However, Noppert is rumored to return in April, and it seems very unlikely that Mous will remain in goal.

John McCarthy (LAFC)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper McCarthy

I've added John McCarthy to this list because his price dropped very recently and he is/was being suggested by a lot of other managers on social media. I do think there are much better options to look at. Please always be aware of price drops like this. It has a reason the cards are cheap. His prices are all over the place. I could not resist adding the graph for the past three months.

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper McCarthy Price

I'll add what guest writer and MLS specialist Sorare Deke has said in his recent MLS Sorare Goalkeeper Tier list:

Crepeau will be the starter when he returns from the tibia fracture he sustained in the MLS Cup Final against Philadelphia so McCarthy is mainly just a band-aid for the short term in your gallery. - Sorare Deke.

Manuel Riemann (Vfl Bochum)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Riemann

The undisputed goalkeeper Riemann was suddenly not that undisputed anymore. After a few shaky performances, it was rumored that second goalkeeper Michael Esser would

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Riemann

take his place under the crossbar. Unfortunately, Esser became ill and Riemann had an outstanding and emotional performance securing his status. His last game averages are would you would expect from a team battling relegation. Although the downside of relegation isn't the reason to not buy Riemann (Bundesliga 2. is also covered), his age (34) might be.

Samuel Walker (Kilmarnock)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Walker

"Anyone knows a starting goalkeeper for 15 euros?" This might be the most asked question on Discord together with "Wen Rewards". Insert Samuel Walker.

Another cheap goalkeeper, this time from the Scottish side Kilmarnock, also called 'Killie' apparently. Having risen through the Chelsea youth system and after a bunch of loan spells, Walker signed a two-year contract at Kilmarnock. He is the starting goalkeeper since November but as always there is a reason prices are cheap. In this case, there is a chance of relegation to the second division. And his contract ends at the end of May this year.

Ross Laidlaw (Ross County)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Laidlaw

Joining Kilmarnock in the relegation battle is Ross County and their goalkeeper Ross Laidlaw. A match made in heaven as far as first names go. To be honest, I did not know Laidlaw at all, but his name seems to get suggested quite easily, so he piqued my interest. Firmly starting goalkeeper. Just recently renewed his contract till 2026. 30 years old, so he still has more than enough years in him.

The only thing you need to look out for is the relegation battle and his wildly 'inconsistent' scoring, but beggars can't be choosers.

Markus Kolke (Rostock)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Kolke

You might know Kolke from the blunder he made a few months ago that went viral. Hansa Rostock is in relegation trouble, just three points clear of the relegation spot, and team captain Markus Kolke's contract will run out this summer.

Rock solid on the Sorare scoring matrix, he should easily fit your cap220 or 240 teams. Behind captain Markus Kolke (32), there are two strong goalkeepers, Nils Körber (26) and Max Hagemoser (20).

Ron-Robert Zieler (Hannover 96)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Zieler

Ron-Robert Zieler will not leave Hannover 96 at the end of the season for free. The 34-year-old's contract has been automatically extended for another year until 2024 after hitting 25 appearances. Originally, the contract was due to expire at the end of the season.

Whether the extension equals staying at 96 is unclear. Recently, Liverpool showed interest in Zieler. The Reds are currently looking for a new number two behind regular goalkeeper Alisson. Zieler is already well acquainted with the Premier League, having played for Leicester City.

Michael Verrips (Groningen on loan from Fortuna Sittard)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Verrips

26 years old and Verrips already played for 11 different teams in 17 years. Remarkable to say the least. Today he is playing for Groningen, but he is on loan from Fortuna Sittard. No worries for relegation as Fortuna is playing a season in the belly of the Eredivisie. This is in contrast with the ill-performing Groningen who is facing possible relegation and fan outrage. Verrips will not relegate with Groningen as he has a contract till 2025 with Fortuna. I always love a Sorare goalkeeper under 15 euros but, regrettably, his scores are corresponding, with an L15 of 36.

When Verrips goes back to Sittard, there is another goalkeeper waiting. Ivor Pandur is the current first goalkeeper, on loan from Hellas Verona but with an option to buy. All latest signs point to a prolonged stay of Pandur at Sittard.

Johny Placide (Bastia)

Cheap Sorare Goalkeeper Placide

Fun fact. Did you know Bastia is located in Corsica? Well, I wasn't aware but I can imagen there are worse places to be a goalkeeper.

Bastia, currently 5th in the french second division, is having a very good season with Johny Placide in good form.

The national goalkeeper of Haïti has allowed Bastia to be relatively stable in defense and to exceed their early season targets. But the goalkeeper does not want to be judged immediately on his performance in the Corsican goal. His L15 is also great, his Limited Sorare cards can be picked up for about 16 euros. The downsides are his age and his contract that will end this summer.

"The season is still long, we'll take stock at the end. What matters to me is to be good throughout the season. I'm not interested in playing two, three or four good games. I want to be judged on a whole season" - Placide

Stay tuned for the upcoming parts in the series about "Cheap Sorare Goalkeepers". You can do so by subscribing to our newsletter.

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