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The future stars of goalkeeping

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Everybody’s looking for the next 'wonderkid' to add to our Sorare roster. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools to help us in our research. As the use of data analysis grows in football, one of the areas where it has had the most impact is player recruitment. Without the right players, a team is never going to succeed. Anyone in the football industry who thinks that Football Manager has no role in their player recruitment process is clearly going to be left behind.

Data analysis is a valuable tool for sifting through the hundreds of thousands of players around the world. It vastly increases the range of players a club can look at and allows the scouting team to focus on the players most likely to be suitable for the club.

A lot of football professionals use FM in their search for the next big thing. And why wouldn’t they? It is becoming clear that Football Manager is now starting to have an influence on the game at the highest levels, particularly when it comes to finding, scouting, and recruiting players.

Wonderkids are players under the age of 21 (born before 01.07.2022 in FM23) with the potential to become future world-class stars.

I've been playing Football Manager for as long as I'm willing to share. It even had a different name back then. FM has gotten it right more than once. An unknown, 17-year-old, Sergio Aguero, playing for Independiente already had amazing stats. Other good examples are Vincent Kompany, Fabregas, Nainggolan, Verratti, Courtois, and Robben, to name a few. Unfortunately, there are also examples of the opposite. Everybody must know Freddy Adu or the balancing seal dribbling Kerlon, and Carlos Vela, ... They got it wrong there but not always because of inaccurate scouting. Anthony Van Den Borre didn't quite make the promising career he should have had. Not because of lack of talent or skills, but lack of mental stability, wrong 'friends', and accompanying injuries. He might have been the greatest, wasted, talent Belgium has ever had.

If professionals can use FM as a scouting platform, so can we. These are the top goalkeeper prospects on Football manager 2023, with or without a Sorare card. Players without a card could still be interested, hit the follow button in Sorare, and be the first ones to know if a card is being auctioned. So you can be the first to buy them before the hype. Here are the young goalkeepers you need to keep an eye on for your Sorare roster:

  • Elia Caprile (20, Bari/Italy)

  • Faaris Yusufu (17, Schalke04/Germany)

  • Gavin Bazunu (20, Southampton/Ireland)

  • Gabriel Slonina (18, Chelsea/USA)

  • Nathaniel Nwosu (16, Water FC/Nigeria)

  • Iker Alvarez (20, Villareal/Andorra (absolutely not Romania)

  • Anatoliy Trubin (20, Shaktar Donetsk/Ukraine)

  • Rome-Jayden Owusu Oduro (17, AZ/Netherlands)

  • Charlie Setford (18, Ajax/England)

  • Tommy Setford (16, Ajax/England)

  • André Gomes (17, Benfica/Portugal)

  • Dennis Seimen (16, Stuttgart/Germany)

  • Lucas Canizares (20, Real Madrid/Spain)

  • Maarten Vandevoordt (20, RC Genk & RB Leipzig/Belgium)

  • Stefan Bajic (20, Bristol/France)

  • Donelli Matheus (20, Corinthians/Brasil)

  • Callai Diego (17, Sporting, Brasil)

  • Kostas Tzolakis (19, Olympiacos/Turkey)

  • Timo Schliek (16, RB Leipzig/Germany)

  • Mikki van Sas (18, Man City/Netherlands)

  • Alejandro Iturbe (18, Atletico Madrid/Spain)

  • Dogan Alemdar (20, Rennes/Turkey)

  • Luca Podlech (17, Schalke04/Germany)

  • Filip Jorgensen (20, Villereal/Sweden)

  • Bart Verbruggen (20, Anderlecht/Netherlands)

  • Matteo Rizzo (17, Pro Vercelli/Italy)

  • Lucas Chevalier (20, Lille/France)

  • Coniah Boyce-Clarke (19, Reading/England)

  • Rusian Neshcheret (20, Dynamo Kyiv/Ukraine)

  • Kacper Tobiasz (19, Legia Warshaw/Poland)

  • Alex Padilla (18, Atletic Bilbao/Spain)

  • Mycael (18, Athletico Paranaense/Brasil)

  • Josh Griffiths (20, West-Brom/England)

  • Benjamin Göschl (16, Rapid Vienna/Austria)

  • Murray Johnson (17, Hibernian/Scotland)

  • Mathieu Patouillet (18, Lyon/France)

  • Daniil Khudvakov (18, Lokomotiv Moscow/Russia)

  • Diogo Pinto (18, Sporting/Portugal)

  • Victor Darub (16, Botafogo/Brasil)

  • Ferran Quetglas (17, Real Madrid/Spain)

  • Noah Raveyre (17, Saint-Étienne/France)

  • Theo Sander (17, Schalke04/Denmark)

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