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Global Cup private league is up and running.

Updated: Jul 20

After weeks of anticipation, Sorare has officially launched the complete free Global Cup for the World Cup in Qatar. Sorare has listened to the community's outcries for more rewards and Sorare has delivered. You can find the complete rewards list for the Global Cup down below this page. Time to get your team drafted and join the folly, and maybe you'll get to meet the legend himself, Zinedine Zidane. An easy read about the Global Cup is online on the official Sorare Medium page.

"Sorare is better with friends" is the new catchphrase that Sorare is using to get you to sign-up your friends to play the free Fantasy Football game. They are not wrong.

So David (@Lagalletabelga on Twitter) and I have launched our own private league on Sorare. You can join our league by following this link: Private League or add this code to 'join a private league': BJWSYI

When you join a private league with more than 6 participants (we've already surpassed this threshold), you'll automatically join a raffle by Sorare to win officially signed jerseys.

You can re-read our entire World Cup special on our blog. This a must-read before you start drafting your team. And the last piece of information I'll give you today: Jasper Cillessen isn't in the final squad of The Dutch team, so don't bother picking him.

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