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Are Ajax players cheating? (Update)

Updated: Jul 20

Update 23/4: Today is Ajax's first game after the cup game eligible for Sorare points. All eyes are on Blind and Klaassens now after the news about them buying Stekelenburg cards.

Davy Klaassens played Stekelenburg in his limited line-up, Daley Blind on the other hand played Gorter in his rare line-up. Gorter is the 3th or 4th keeper at Ajax, playing games with Jong Ajax in the Dutch second division.

An interesting choice but as it seems Blind is trying to troll us with this diversion tactic, as he knows he's being watched like a hawk.


You might know or you might not, but the goalkeeper situation at the Dutch club Ajax has been entertaining to say the least. A quick summary: On 5 February 2021 UEFA imposed a one-year suspension on Onana for a doping offence. Onana stated that he had taken a tablet by mistake and that he actually wanted to take a painkiller, but that the packaging of the painkillers and the packaging with the tablets containing Furosemide were very similar. Together with Ajax, the goalkeeper started a case against the suspension. The outcome: the duration of his suspension was reduced from twelve to nine months.

On 24 November 2021 he was under the bar for the first time again, although coach Erik ten Hag stated that Remko Pasveer would remain the first goalkeeper. Only after an injury to Pasveer did Onana play matches again from 27 February 2022. He was unable to reach the level of play before his suspension, and suffered quite a few goals against.

The critique from the Ajax supporters kept growing on Onana, not only because of the recent dip in form, but also him leaving Ajax on a free this summer. Probably to Internationale. Also some of the players started to get annoyed by Onana's attitude.

Onana on the recent criticism:

Anyone can criticise, but I only listen to my coaches. They can sing to me, cry or whatever. But I don't give a shit.

This all is interesting enough for us Sorare players, but what is even more interesting is that Ajax player Delay Blind and Davy Klaassens bought a card Ajax reserve keeper Maarten Stekelenburg. The 39 year old goalie is back from a 8 month long injury, a weird investment to say the least. There are two problems with the players buying the cards of their teammates.

First of al, in Holland it is against the law to 'gamble' on your own games. As Sorare is a rather new phenomenon, there isn't a real disciplinary law against this in the rulebook.

Second there is the 'insider trader information', an action also punishable by law.

Price graph of Sorare goalkeeper Stekelenburg

Coach Erik ten Hag has received some questions about the subject on the press conference leading to the cup game. Where he stated:

I have no idea, i make the line-up public for the players on Sunday morning -Ten Hag

After the final cup game, which Ajax lost, Stekelenburg told the reporters that he already knew he was going to play, well before Sunday, and thus making clear ten Hag lied. As it seems the Stekelenburg will be getting the first goalie spot for the upcoming cup game and the remaining games of the season.

And Onana? i hear you ask. To say it with a Dutch saying "has sent his cat". Meaning, he reported 'sick or injured' to training and the game, continuing annoying the Ajax fans, players and board.

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