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Transfer Rumors Surrounding Sorare Goalkeepers

Welcome to the exciting world of football transfers, where the rumor mill is constantly spinning, and speculations run wild. One position that always attracts significant attention is that of the goalkeeper, especially in the world of Sorare. In this blog post, we delve into the realm of goalkeeper transfers, exploring the top shot-stoppers who are rumored to be leaving their current clubs in pursuit of new challenges. Let the transfer saga begin!

We've already done a large piece over the possible Sorare x Jupiler Pro League goalkeeper roulette this summer. Exciting times. You can read the first article on our blog.

Hervé Koffi (Charleroi)

Sorare goalkeeper Koffi

The ambitious club Sporting Charleroi has already been particularly active in the transfer market, bringing in several newcomers. However, there is still something to be done at the Carolos. Among others on the outgoing front. Hervé Koffi, for instance, may look elsewhere.

The 26-year-old goalkeeper had a season with ups and downs at Charleroi but was eventually an important pawn in goal again. Koffi also excelled thanks to his nonchalant-looking but razor-sharp passing and his incredible reflexes. He also has no problem covering the ground in front of his goal. At 26, it seems the time has come for him to make a step up.

There is no lack of interest. Last winter, he was linked to Lorient and this summer too, many clubs hope to acquire Koffi. A departure, therefore, seems inevitable.

Charleroi is known for their airtight communication, so not a lot of rumors about a possible replacement are known. Herman Van Crombrugge looks like a possibility but he really wants to go to RC Genk. The second goalkeeper Patris took the spot when Koffi was injured/underperforming in the winter. Anderlecht is also looking for one or two new goalkeepers and Koffi was also linked a few years ago. Although since then the complete management of Anderlecht has changed four or five times. Hervé Koffi has been playing in Belgium for more than three and a half years now. After a successful spell at Mouscron, Charleroi decided to sign him in July 2021, offering Lille €500,000. At the age of 26, the Burkina Faso goalkeeper may be keen to move on. According to Transfermarkt, he is worth €1.5 million.

Davy Roef (AA Gent)

Sorare goalkeeper Davy Roef

I've come across numerous inquiries from Sorare managers on Discord and Twitter regarding the future of Davy Roef. Since October, Roef has relinquished his place between the sticks to Paul Nardi, only featuring in cup matches. Both Roef and his father have been resolute in their desire for a starting role, suggesting that a departure may be on the horizon. The burning question remains: Where will Roef find himself next?

There exist several intriguing possibilities for Roef, although he must bide his time until the transfer carousel begins to whirl. It's conceivable that he could land at any Belgian club in need of a first-choice (or backup) goalkeeper or ends up staying as the coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck wants two good goalkeepers in his squad. Furthermore, with the transfer of Verbruggen to Brighton, I firmly believe that the transfer carousel will soon be set in motion. Currently taking a well-deserved vacation, Verbruggen experienced disappointment as the Netherlands failed to progress in the Euro U21 tournament. This transfer could act as the catalyst for forthcoming player movements and subsequently impact Roef's future destination.

Daniel Schmidt (STVV)

Sorare goalkeeper Schmidt

The Canaries are said to be open to the departure of star keeper and Japanese international Daniel Schmidt. The Japanese goalkeeper would like to go to a major league, but for now, there is no concrete interest in the goalkeeper. He will therefore start preparations at STVV. There is a real possibility that Schmidt will end up staying if no one is interested. STVV does have a strong bond with Japan, so a return to the J-League might also be an option. STVV is not letting any grass grow on the transfer market. The Canaries are the most active Belgian club in terms of transfers as they need to rebuild their team. A lot of the team is leaving and there is a new coach.

Warleson (Cercle Brugge)

Sorare goalkeeper Warleson

Like last year, Warleson Stellion Lisboa Oliveira finished the season in goal at Cercle. Then Didillon was out, and now Majecki is hurt for six weeks. Not a dream come true, but the reward for years of hard labor in the shadows. In this competition, the Brazilian played a fine match on the first matchday at Westerlo, but a week later he had to make way for Majecki - made available by Monaco - and was suddenly back on the bench. Warleson profiled himself as an explosive line keeper with good reflexes. However, his footwork still has room for improvement. Fan-favorite Warleson has renewed his contract till 2026 with an option for two more years. He has also received the number-one jersey this season.

What will happen with Majecki though: Will Majecki return to Monaco to succeed Alexander Nübel? (Nubel was on loan from Bayern and is leaving them. He is being linked with the Premier League.) (Updated: Thanks for McBrideAce for the heads-up)

Will Majecki be sold now that he is only under contract at Monaco for one more year? Or will he stay with Cercle for another season? Many questions, but few answers, as Majecki himself also remains guilty of the conclusion.

"I really don't know, my only certainty is that I am under contract for another year," he said.

But also returning to Cercle is former number one Thomas Didillon. He returns from a loan spell at Monaco.

Monaco might be looking for some fresh blood as well as they have two goalkeepers under contract: Yann Liénard, aged just 20 and a regular in the French national youth team, has yet to play a single official match for the AS Monaco's first team. And Radoslaw Majecki. Just to be safe, I bought Warleson, Majecki, and Didillon this last year.

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