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Top10 Sorare Beginner's Tips

Sorare has emerged as a popular fantasy football game that allows fans to collect and trade digital player cards, build teams, and compete against others from around the world. This article will provide you with some essential tips to help you get started on the right track. So let's dive in and discover the best beginner tips for Sorare!

1 - Use only money you can afford to lose.

While it's true that Sorare offers the potential to make money, it's important to remember that at its core, Sorare is a game. Approaching it solely with the intention of making money is a surefire way to encounter disappointment and financial losses.

There are many unforeseeable uncertainties that will influence the price of the cards you own.

2 - Start with the free version of Sorare first.

Before throwing your hard owned money into Sorare, take the time to understand the game's fundamental concepts. Familiarize yourself with the different card rarities, player scoring mechanics, and the game's auction and transfer market systems. This fundamental knowledge will help you make better decisions when it comes to building your team and managing your resources. You can start with Sorare using only common cards (white cards), this part of the game is free.

3 - Sign up with a referral link.

If you signup into Sorare and you ever decide to start buying limited cards through the Sorare auction market, after buying 5 cards, you'll get an extra limited card for free. And so do we. So it's a win/win. It doesn't have to be our referral link, it could be anyone's. But here is ours anyway: Sorare referral link.

4 - Stick to your budget. A common mistake many beginners make is not checking the lowest card on the market before starting your bidding war with someone else. Also, don't start bidding wars. You might end up paying more than the card that is currently available on the market.

I've seen this beginner mistake in Sorare so many times, yet it's so obvious. Stick to your budget. There will be other options to buy the card, no worries. Haste makes waste.

5 - Do the math:

There are easier leagues to compete in and there are harder ones. Check the possible rewards with the total amount of entries and calculate the chance of winning a card.

Check the previous top scores of the game week of that league. This is information you can find online (SorareData) easily. I always suggest that the smaller budget player start with the capped modes and aim for the thresholds.

6 - Research:

People (and media) shout everything nowadays for clicks and likes. This game can be really fun and there is some money to be made if you are ahead of the curve. Check contract endings, possible transfers, bad performances, content creators, etc... Get in the head of the coach and try to know what their next move is.

Know and understand why that particular Sorare card has a certain price. Utility is key.

A few examples:

SorareData Goalkeeper Mamardashvili

A starting u23 goalkeeper is really expensive because there are fewer of them. When they get older, their utility for u23 leagues will stop, dropping their price. In the image, we see Georgian goalkeeper Mamardashvili, he's still eligible to play in the Sorare u23 league till 1/7/2025.

A player making a transfer from a low-tier team to a high-tier team is not always a good thing for a Sorare card. There are tons of examples of this but check Denis Undav, going from being the top goalscorer in Belgium to the bench in Brighton.

The starting goalkeeper is getting negative feedback after a few shaky games where he dropped the ball a few times. It might be time to add the cheaper backup goalkeeper to your Sorare gallery.

7 - Use third-party websites


I probably use SoraredData more than I use the Sorare website. SorareData is the largest database about Sorare and an essential tool to perform. SorareData is a free resource that can be accessed by anyone. Simply navigate to and register. We recommend that you link your Sorare account with SorareData, which makes the data stretch a little further and gives you more analysis tools.

It offers game-changing features, from advising what the average price of a specific player is, to telling you what rewards you would have won, had you used a specific line-up. It also provided data on player offers, which makes things very interesting in the secondary market.

There is also a paying subscription that gives even more tools to get more info from the market.

Use Playsharper: Playsharper is a community-driven website. For each game week, specialists of each league will draw the most likely starting 11 per team. The specialist takes note of injuries, bans, and possible rotations, so you don't have to. This will save you hours of googling to check if a player is playing or not, especially for leagues that are not easy to follow yourself.

8 - Get your excess cards in Sorare Training:

Training is a way to 'keep your unused cards active', this way they'll still earn an XP bonus and your card will be worth more. I do this rigorously and when most of my cards hit the market, they are most of the time the ones with the highest XP and the reason I ask a bit more.

Sorare training

9 - Don't get cocky.

Written from personal experience.

A mistake I made was when I thought I knew it all and bought the best midfielder in Asia (at that time). Sho Inagaki for 240 euros. Not even the rare edition, the limited one. It soonly became clear the price was hyped and inflated and he soon dropped off the map. To the defense of Inagaki, he is the card who I have the most wins registered. A small band-aid as I will never see that 240 euros again. But we had fun times forSho.

Sho inagaki Sorare price curve

10 - Dare to ask for help:

I found the Sorare community really helpful when I needed it. Check the various content creators, Twitter profiles, Discord channels, and Telegram channels.

However, it's not there to be your personal express helpline when you are lazy. If a player has an injury and is uncertain, Google or CTRL+F it first. Chances are it's already been asked and answered.

We have our own small Sorare beginners guide on the website. Where we answer the most frequently asked questions about Sorare.

And if you want to be ahead of the curve, try signing up for our free newsletter.

I've added three strong and easy-to-read articles below. Where we go more in-depth into certain aspects of the game Sorare.

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