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Top 12 relegations goalkeepers to buy right now

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

There is a very interesting statistic floating on the internet about the relegation chances after five matches in the big 5 competitions. Are any conclusions to be made after only five games? Apparently, there is.

The chances are high that if a team is already in the relegation zone after 5 games, they will relegate. There is however a remarkable difference between 'big' and 'small' clubs. With bigger clubs turning the tide during the following games.

With the announcement of the addition of the second divisions. Loads of tweets were sent about how unfair or short-term this decision was. There were also rumors of trading with inside knowledge. The complete opposite of what crypto is supposed to be. Needless to say, Twitter went insane, they weren't relegationlovers. Oooh, snap.

These are the new divisions that were added:

  • German Bundesliga 2 (2. Bundesliga)

  • Spanish LaLiga Smartbank (Segunda Division)

  • Italian Serie B (Serie BKT)

  • French Ligue 2 (Ligue 2 BKT)

  • English Football League (EFL) Championship

Just like Magic Johnson, I'm a positive guy. The addition of the second divisions gives Sorare an extra dimension. An extra opportunity to buy cheap goalkeepers. Where a goalkeeper in a relegation team used to be sold as soon as possible because of his low-scoring results and the downside of the loss of utility, it might be an opportunity now. A team that relegates should be able to compete for the title the year after in the second league. Meaning, loads of wins, high scores, and high fives all around. The only thing dodgy might be a close releasing them from their team in a possible relegation, but these kinds of contract details are rarely released by the team or player.

Let's start with the top 12 interesting goalkeepers on the brink of relegation.


Serie A:

Michele Di Gregorio (AC Monza)

I don't think Berlusconi's famous parties will keep the newly promoted team Monza in Serie A. His money might though. Monza is 12th on the budget list in Serie A, doubling last in the list, Lecce. They already invested a lot in new players (Pessina, Sensi) and their goalkeeper Di Gregorio joined after being previously on loan from Inter. The loan deal included a clause that Monza would buy him for €4 million in the event of promotion. Michele is a very good Serie B goalkeeper, previously being voted the best goalkeeper in the second division.

And he is also cheap to pick up. 60 euros for a limited card isn't breaking the bank for a starting goalkeeper and the cards might go even cheaper as there aren't a lot of Sorare cards in circulation at this time. For being in a relegation fighting team, his scores aren't that bad either. Interesting pick if you need a Sorare Underdog League goalkeeper. His rare is also, relatively, cheap to pick up, there is one right for sale now for 970 euros.

Emil Audero (Sampdoria)

Audero possesses an excellent physique and is known for his courage, and shot-stopping ability, as well as his speed when rushing off the line and ability to get to the ground, which enables his team to keep a high defensive line and inspire a sense of confidence in his back-line. However, he is less adept with his feet. Considered to be a gifted young player in the media, in 2019 UEFA included him in their list of the most promising European players of his generation. Audero moved in 2019 from Juventus to Sampdoria for € 20 million and has been the starting keeper ever since. Emil doesn't have any limited card minted yet.


La Liga:

I've included Sevilla in this list, what a horrible start of the season they have, with a recent apology by the team to the fans after the game against Barcelona. However, the chances they'll be relegated to Secunda Division are very slim.

Jeremías Ledesma (Cadiz)

Things aren't looking too good for Cadiz. Last in the league, zero goals scored, 10 goals against. Ledesma finished last season with 32 appearances, before Cádiz triggered the purchase option till 2025, he was on loan from Rosario Central. His price very recently plummeted because he conceded a lot of goals and the new scoring matrix is very unforgiving.

His man-bun aside, this is just the type of player we like at Chasing Chilavert. And with the price of only 60 euros, another cheap goalkeeper to buy for your Sorare roster.

Edgar Badia (Elche)

Badia very recently signed a contract extension with the franjiverdes till 2025. With the new contract, Elche is safeguarding one of the better goalkeepers in the Premiera Division, who only had one year left on his contract, and one of the idols of the fans. His nickname: 'The Saint', because of his miraculous saves. He is the undisputable first keeper of the team.

Unfortunately, there isn't much else to talk about with Badia. When in doubt I always do the Moneyball theory, in the movie the old scouts check out the girlfriend to see if she is hot or not. If the wife or girlfriend is gorgeous, it is a sign of high self-esteem by the player. Well, the pictures on his Instagram are showing self-esteem all right.

His price graph is at a low point. High self-esteem. The team is lacking and will probably relegate. Might be worth picking up and hope his girlfriend doesn't leave him when he plays in the Secunda Division.

David Soria (Getafe)

Soria played his entire youth with Real Madrid before moving to Sevilla. In Sevilla he has had some very good performances and even made it to the 2016 Europa League all-star team. Getafe has only one point which they gained after keeping Villareal on 0-0. Villarreal ran into the great performance of Spanish goalkeeper Soria in the goalless draw. The azulón goalkeeper was undoubtedly the best player of the match and saved Getafe on several occasions. His Sorare score was 88. With a limited Sorare card already on the market for just over 60euros, it might be a good opportunity for next season.



Loads of good teams are having a bad start in Germany. If we keep in mind the given that higher budget teams won't relegate after 5 games, we can exclude Wolfsburg, Leverkusen, and RB Leipzig. Leipzig also plays Champions League so loads of utility.

Koen Casteels (Wolfsburg)

Rules are for pussies. I'm including an interesting pick-up of a team that probably won't relegate anyway as they got a high budget. Casteels also featured in our very popular 10 approved Sorare goalkeepers to absolutely buy now blog post a few months ago. Yet not much has changed, his price is even slightly lower at the moment.

With the awesome green kit like the one from Wolfburg this year, it would be a shame if they relegate.

Manuel Riemann (Bochum)

Already part of the furniture with Bochum as he first joined the club in 2015. Have a decent look at his rare cards, they are one of the cheapest to pick up on this list. He might be as cheap because of the recent blow-out against Bayern Munchen, where Bayern managed to score 7 goals against Riemann. A brutal game for the german goalie. All the goals against are clouded as Riemann still manages to save quite a few already made goals. VfL Bochum is in crisis. Last in the Bundesliga with zero points from five games, the Rhineland club is on edge, both on and off the pitch. The situation is even reflected in training where Manuel Riemann, had a heated argument with one of his teammates. The 33-year-old apologized for his behavior on his social networks.

Bochum will do better next year in the second division.


Premier League:

Not much to say, unfortunately, almost non of these goalkeepers have cards minted. And just for the record, if Danny Ward (Leicester) would have cards minted and they would be distributed free, I would not accept them.

Łukasz Fabiański (West Ham)

I'll add the first goalkeeper of West Ham, Fabianski, to this list. 37 years old already. You might know him from his time at Arsenal, although that was already eight years ago. Fabianski has some good utility with West Ham also competing in the Conference League. However, in their first game against Boekarest, Areola was the goalkeeper. West Ham is a clear favorite to qualify from Group B having made the semi-finals of last season’s Europa League and off the back of spending just under 200 million euros on eight signings this summer. They bought a new goalkeeper Alphonse Areola (no cards minted) from PSG. Many fans want to see Areola instated as West Ham’s number one after some questionable goalkeeping from Lukasz Fabianski.

Another thing to note is he does not have any limited cards minted, only rares. 670 euro might be an opportunity, the cheapest on this list, but remember he is already 37 years old. That being said: The chances of West Ham being relegated are very slim.


Ligue 1

Matz Sels (Strasbourg)

Next to fries, chocolate and beer, goalkeepers are a world-class export product of Belgium. After an excellent season last year, where Strasbourg finished 6th. This year it might not be as easygoing with only four points out of a possible 18. Their goalkeeper is still the same as last year, Matz Sels. Sels immediately rose to become Strasbourg's first goalkeeper after his arrival in 2018. His contract was therefore extended by two seasons in 2019, putting him under contract with the club until 2024. I do not suspect Strasbourg relegating any time soon.

Benjamin Leroy (Ajaccio)

Having finished second in France's second league last season, Ajaccio earned automatic promotion up to Ligue 1, but, they have had to endure a tough start with just one point on the board after six games. Ajaccio will have a hard time staying in Ligue 1. Their goalkeeper is Leroy, I did not find a nickname, so I'll name him "mister 60" because of his steady scores of 60 points in Ligue 2. Not many cards minted but one to keep a close eye on for sure.

Paul Bernardoni (Angers)

Angers SCO is having a very difficult start to the season. The club is currently 19th in Ligue 1, with only two points. They also have the worst defense in the league, with 17 goals conceded. Coach Gérald Baticle has made several changes in his team composition over the last few games. Yahia Fofana (no cards minted), Angers' current number two goalkeeper, could make his Ligue 1 debut. The 22-year-old goalkeeper is expected to take over from Bernardoni, who has held the position until now. The club's poor results, combined with the number of goals they have conceded, could well reshuffle the pack. I think there are better opportunities to buy than Bernardoni as he's quite pricey in regard to some other goalkeepers on this list.


I've doubled checked the betting sites for the odds of the teams relegating.

Highest odds of relegating by the bookies:

Bundesliga: Bochum, Ausburg, Schalke, Herta Berlin

Premier League: Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, Leicester, Everton

LaLiga: Cadiz, Elche, Almeria, Valladodid.

Serie A: Cremonese, Lecce, Monza, Empoli

Ligue 1: Ajaccio, Brest, Clermont Foot, Angers

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