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The Sorare Strategy That's Taking the World by Storm.

Updated: Jul 20

What is stacking? Stacking refers to the strategy applied by Sorare managers when they select all of their players from one single team for their game-week line-up. This is my Sorare stack of Cercle Brugge. I bought this team because it dawned on me that most of their first-team players are under 23. So this is my Sorare under23 line-up for the last game week of the 22-23 season.

Sorare Stack Cercle Brugge

What is splits-stacking? Another interesting tactic that some Sorare managers use, is where you combine the best of two teams. Combine a team with a good attack and a promising match-up with the defense of a team that doesn't concede a lot.

Let's say, the defense of a La Liga Smartbank team (low-scoring league) with a dominating team in the English Championship (high-scoring league). The best of two worlds.

What are the advantages of stacking your Sorare line-up?

Time: It's ideal for lazy Sorare managers like me. I do not have the time to be keeping up with the injury/suspension news from the Premier League, let alone the J-League.

With stacking it's easy as pie. Check where other Sorare specialists submit the probable starting 11 and submit your line-ups on Sorare.

Bonding: I do feel a connection with a random J-League team I've never even heard of before Sorare because I own a stack of them. Which makes the games more interesting to follow and watch. Domination: No reason to buy a stack of a team on the verge of relegation. You should pick a club that is dominating the league, which means higher scorers for year players, ergo, a better chance at Sorare rewards.

Match-up: Stacking a team means you can always field a complete team, without having to worry about games that get canceled. I remember the RC Genk drama a few months ago with the game getting postponed due to snow. If you have an RC Genk stack, that game will be played at a later date. If you have one RC Genk player in your line-up, that line-up is for the bin.

What are the disadvantages?

Price: As you pick a dominating team, let's say Manchester City, chances are the prices are higher as you always need the best-scoring players on the team. A Man City stack needs Kevin De Bruyne in the midfield with an L72 over his last 15 games. He's around 100 euros in limited. You could settle for Rodri with an L54 and a price of 30 euros. Rotation: Betters teams likely mean a big roster of players and a very long season with European games. Let's keep the Manchester City example going with Kevin De Bruyne and Haaland being on the bench these last few games.

High stakes: The scoring matrix is unforgiving, a goal against, and your chances at getting some good rewards are slim.

Podium: If you are looking for podium places, a stack is rarely the way to go. If you got

Sorare discord Daithie

unlimited time and money, the five best players on the platform will always return better scores than a stack.

What are some good Sorare stacks to own?

Let's highlight some interesting Sorare clubs you can pick up as a Sorare stack. We will skip the obvious teams like PSG, Celtic, Bayern Munchen, Vissel Kobe, and Real Madrid. Bonus points if you get a stack that has midweek eligibility (Brighton in the Europa League?).

But I'll start with the best stack I own myself.

Nagoya Grampus Eight (J-League, Japan)

Logo Nagoya Grampus

I already owned most of the players since last year and this year they are performing better. Third in the league! Their performance isn't the main reason I love this stack, it is their lack of a bench. They play 90% of the time with the same 11 starters. Team: Langerak, Fujii, Inagaki, Castro, Junker. That is a combined L15 of 281 points on average. The total amount of points you need to hit is also lower in the Asian leagues. To be clear, this isn't my stack, I sold Fujii a few weeks ago and I don't own Castro.

Benfica (Primeira Liga, Portugal)

Logo Benfica

After four years, the team of the legendary Eusebio is champion once again. It seems an easy pick to use as a stack... which it completely is.

Team: Odysseas, Grimaldo, Otamendi, Aursnes, and Neres hold a combined score of 302 on average for L15. Not too shabby. A split stack might be the way to go. Dropping Neres, who has the lowest score with 51, and add let's say Gustav Isaksen, L15 of 70, from Midtjylland. However, you'll need to keep an eye out that the match-up between Benfica and Midtjylland overlaps. Just keep up the transfer rumors; Neres is being linked with Napoli. Update: Grimaldo will be joining Leverkusen this summer. (Thanks to u/IaryBreko on Reddit for the heads up.)

Oud-Heverlee Leuven (Jupiler League, Belgium)

Logo OHL

This is completely against my own advance as this team isn't dominating the league whatsoever, but let me make my case for OHL. They do have some high-scoring players in their team and not a lot of rotation. They are on the rise and look to be a promising team for next season.

The only negative so far is: the coach might be leaving and some of their best players (Patris and Thorsteinsson) might make a transfer. Team: Cojocaru, De Norre, Patris, Maertens, Thorsteinsson.

Zenit Sint-Petersburg (Russian Premier League, Russia)

Logo Zenit

Putin's favorite team Zenit St Petersburg is a fun stack to have in your gallery. A year has passed since Russia launched its war against Ukraine and on the sports front, Russian teams, players, and athletes stand isolated from international events. So you can't use your Zenit stack in European Cups. Team: Kerzhakov, Douglas Santos, Claudinho, Kuzyaev, Malcom. A combined score of 315.

Twente (Eredivisie, The Netherlands)

Logo Twente

Yes, is see you all on Twitter sharing your Twente stack, with your reward-opening videos. Go fuck!

Team: Unnerstall, Smal, Brenet, Zerrouki, Cerny. Combine scores of 315 for L15. An exciting period is about to begin for Vaclav Cerny. There is a particularly strong foreign interest in the FC Twente winger. Zerrouki on the other hand already has his transfer signed, he'll join Feyenoord.

Other good options should be newly relegated Bournemouth and Leicester. They'll be looking to promote rather quickly and got the parachute payments to help them. Just wait till their team roster is stable as a lot of players will be making a move to a new team. I've been seeing a lot of people on Twitter suggesting Watford. I don't really know them all too well but you might want to look into it. A second-division team is interesting to hold, with loads of games, high scoring, and midweek games.

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