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The new threshold changes explained.

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

In a long-awaited threshold update, Sorare announced that they will be expanding the threshold for all scarcities. The changes mirror user feedback and a continued commitment to making the gameplay less complex and more balanced across leagues.

Starting 30 January 2023, Sorare will spread the Ethereum thresholds across the Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique leagues. These thresholds will be introduced in a new capped Mode competition.

Football Specialist and Underdog competitions will be eliminated and are being replaced by the capped modes. This mod isn't new, they are already being used in the Sorare NBA leagues.

The rules:

  • 240-point cap for the team budget; the points cap is a player’s last 15 score

  • No captain, no card bonuses

  • No mixing of scarcities in the Limited, Rare and Super Rare Capped Modes.

So this means that your team needs to hit 250 points on the game week to get to the threshold and get a reward in Ethereum. So your team needs to outperform themselves and do this without captaincy and XP bonuses.

How much is the reward?

  • Limited = 5 dollars.

  • Rare = 50 dollars.

  • Super-rare = 100 dollars.

  • Unique = 250 dollars.

Sorare rewards threshold

My opinion:

I was very excited when the announcement dropped. I'm looking forward to the opportunity that Sorare gives in having a chance to win money (ETH). Although we need to be critical of the update as well. As I said before, your Sorare line-up will have to outperform itself. With the removal of the XP and captain bonuses, it'll be a lot harder to reach 250 points. The update seems to be in favor of Sorare managers with a big gallery, who can change their line-ups more easily. But my biggest point of criticism is the fact Sorare can make fundamental changes with consent. They can change the threshold to 270 in the summer if they are losing too much money. I'm getting a "the house always wins" vibe. Sorare managers whose focus was hitting the previous threshold (205 points in rare), and who have a gallery focused on this, are royally screwed.

But Sorare doesn't have to give us ETH, in NBA and MLS this isn't the case. Maybe we are just too greedy.

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