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The Complete List of Sorare Legends. All You Need to Know Right Here.

Two years ago Sorare introduced Legends cards to their platform. The whole concept is still a bit vague for new Sorare managers so in this article we'll explain and discuss the Legend cards, from start to finish. We also made a complete list of Sorare Legends that are available on the platform. You can find it at the end of this article. Every legend card embodies a momentous season from the player's career, eternally remembered by fans worldwide. These seasons ignited immense delight and passion among football enthusiasts across the globe. Some players had multiple extraordinary seasons deserving of their own cards, such as Ronaldo Nazário's unforgettable stints at PSV and Real Madrid. The Brazilian striker, whose nickname is O Fenômeno played at PSV between 1994 and 1996, where the foundations were laid for his exceptional performances. He scored 35 goals in 36 matches in his first season.

Legend Sorare Super rare card Ronaldo
Legend Sorare Super rare card Ronaldo

Sorare will mint precisely 1111 Legend cards: So the fat Ronaldo will have a max of 2x 1111 cards minted.

I only need a small incentive to post a video of Ronaldo. If you never saw this footage, I highly suggest you do. The second striker that season at PSV was Belgian Luc Nillis, named by Ronaldo as his best teammate ever.

What's the catch:

Legend Sorare Super rare card Cannavaro

The legend cards can only be used in the specific Legend Leagues on Sorare. That's roughly once a month, so not a whole lot of utility. That's why Sorare Legend cards are indicated with a blue x-marker. As seen in the image.

During these tournaments, Legends will take the score of the highest-scoring player of the linked club for their position.

Everything is more clear with an example: in Game Week 252, a Fabio Cannavaro, Juventus legend defender card will have a score equal to the highest score out of all Juventus defenders which was that gameweek, Matthijs De Ligt with a score of 51. This is also the reason why the average points on the cards are rather high, but the prices are relatively cheap. However, Sorare seems to have (temporarily) halted the Legend League competitions. Possibly only for the summer as most of the players are European.

Sorare Legends scoring card

Sorare Pro-tip:

You only need one Legend to compete in the League, the other four spots in the roster can be filled in by other cards of the same scarcity. But your chances are of course a lot higher if you use three legends.

National team cards:

Yes, there are cards minted of players on their National team. Their utility is more interesting as you can also use them as normal Legends and during international breaks:

This is Zinedine Zidane's national team edition card.

In club Game Weeks, the card will reflect the scoring performance of the highest-scoring midfielder from the club Zidane played for during that particular season (Juventus). On the other hand, in international Game Weeks, the card will represent the scoring of the top-scoring midfielder from the France national team. It's important to note that these regulations solely apply to Legends who are minted in their national team kits. The Ronaldo PSV card we talked about earlier, won't be scored during International Game Weeks.

Sorare Pro Tip: You can strategize your cards to get "double" high scores. An example as it is hard to explain: Marco Van Basten (Ajax edition) and Johan Cruyff are both forwards and both linked with Ajax. Let's say a forward of Ajax, in this case, Brian Brobbey scores a hat trick and gets 100 points. Both Legends will get that high score, so that means you only need one linked player to get a high score instead of two.

You can do the same with AC Milan or Juventus defenders and some other players as well.

An even better idea is to add the high-scoring linked player to the lineup. As seen in the image where the Legend Franz Beckenbauer is linked with Bayern Munchen. The highest-scoring defender that game week was Pavard, who was also fielded in the roster. It's a bit of a calculated guess.

Another interesting strategy a few people are having is to use the legends in the Academy competitions. The academy leagues are there mostly to get your unused cards some XP. A few months ago Sorare reworked the mechanic and there are also a few rewards to be won. Using your Legends is almost cheating but it's not.

What does the future hold:

Sorare launched the Legends back in 2021 and changed/tweaked the competition a few times, but it has since been untouched. In their roadmap, there is no mention of any forthcoming updates on the matter. The latest Legends that were auctioned were in November '22, that's just about 9 months ago. I do not have to explain there are still a lot of Legends missing from the game. In

the launch article, Sorare explained they would be auctioning 50 legends. At this time we've only got 33 Legends on the platform. They even mentioned Steven Gerrard in the article, but there is no trace of the Liverpool Legend on the platform so far.

Also, the Pirlo card was switched from being linked with New York FC to Sampdoria for whatever reasons, which is odd, to say the least.

A lot of people are looking for a complete list of Sorare players. Well, we've made one.

We've compiled a complete list of Sorare Legend cards per position, with their linked scoring teams. Enjoy!



Legend Year & Team

​​Iker Casillas

​​01-02 Real Madrid

17-18 Porto



Legend Year & Team

​Fabio Cannavaro

05-06 Juventus

Franz Beckenbauer

73-74 Germany & Bayern Munchen

Alessandro Nesta

99-00 Lazio

Fernando Hierro

97-98 Real Madrid

Javier Zanetti

09-10 Inter

Rafael Marquez

98-99 Atlas

Alessandro Costacurta

93-94 AC Milan

Franco Baresi

89-90 AC Milan

Mauro Camoranesi

02-03 Juventus

Gianluca Zambrotta

01-02 Juventus



Legend Year & Team

Zinedine Zidane

97-98 France & Juventus

Ruud Gullit

86-87 PSV

Javier Mascherano

04-05 River Plate

Pavel Nedved

02-03 Juventus

Bern Schuster

80-81 Germany & Barcelona

Juan Veron

99-00 Lazio

Michel Platini

80-81 Saint-Etienne

83-84 France & Juventus

Brian Laudrup

​90-91 Bayern Munchen

David Beckham

12-13 PSG

Andrea Pirlo

​2016 New York City / Sampdoria

Jari Litmanen

94-95 Ajax



​​Legend Year & Team

Ronaldo Nazario

​94-95 PSV

02-03 Real Madrid

Diego Maradona

76-77 Argentinos Junior

​85-86 Argentina & Napoli

Johan Cruyff

70-71 Ajax

Marco Van Basten

86-87 Ajax

88-98 AC Milan

Andriy Shevchenko

03-04 AC Milan

Antonin Panenka

84-85 Rapid Wien

Ludovic Giuly

03-04 AS Monaco

Alfredo Di Stefano

58-59 Real Madrid

David Villa

07-08 Valencia

Mario Kempes

1974 Rosario Central

Jean-Pierre Papin

90-91 Marseille

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