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Sorare World Cup Special - Part 5

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Part 5 is our final part in the Sorare World Cup series. Write up's like this always cost time and effort so I hope you have enjoyed our take on the World-Up group stages and that you have made up your mind on what to do if you'll decide to compete for Sorare rewards. Remember we are always up for a chat, check our about page to get in touch with us.

Our other Sorare blog posts in the Qatar World Cup Special are a crucial read:

When does the World Cup start?

It's the final countdown!! Let's go!

The knock-out phase:

Let's not go into detail that much, as it is all predictions on predictions on predictions and everything and anything can happen. Nonetheless, it is interesting and fun to see what will happen once the 48 games of the group stage are over.

What is certain is that we'll see an early exit of a big name. The first two in Group E & F will face each other and we'll see an early exit from powerhouses Spain, Germany or Belgium. France looks to have an easier path to the final with their first real opponent might be England in the quarterfinal. A game they should win.

As you unmistakably read, there aren't that many interesting or good options to get a Sorare goalkeeper. You could go for a relatively cheap Sorare goalkeeper, the likes of Gonda (Shimizu/Japan) or Yann Sommer (Monchengladbach/Switzerland) instead of the obvious expensive options. But the risk of very limited utility is always high in a tournament like the World Cup. It might however be an opportunity to do extra research and start a new Sorare league. If you are not involved in the MLS or Asian leagues, it might be the time to get scouting.

What is our strategy?

Sorare Blog David Chasing Chilavert


I'm not going to invest and make a strategy for the World Cup. There are only a few matches and only for a couple of teams it might be worth it. Imagine if you make a Croatia stack, specifically for the World Cup and they lose three times.

Sorare Blog Tom Chasing Chilavert

Tom: To be honest, I'm probably completely ignoring the World Cup for Sorare. I don't think it is worth the investment. As David said, three games and your very expensive Argentina stack might be out of utility, for the World Cup that is. I've also done a check on how many internationals are actually in my current Sorare roster and was disillusioned real quick. As always I'll be checking and scouting the line-ups and benches to see who's the next big prospect to make it big and might buy their cards in hopes for future profit. If already added a few names in the group round-ups. And if you read the entire World Cup special and made it this far, I thank you very much and give you a last Chasing Chilavert recommendation. A small easter egg for readers making it this far. A young, cheap Sorare goalkeeper that has nothing to do with the World Cup, but is a great talent for his age. Mike Penders (RC Genk). RC Genk is renowned for its goalkeeper academy. His cards are just getting minted and are cheap to pick up. If you are looking for a long-term fantasy football investment, this might be it. David and I are planning to go see the second division in Belgium so we can see him with our own eyes, but the rumors are promising.



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