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Evaluating Juventus' Best Options in goal

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A new edition of our in-depth column on the goalkeepers of Serie A Tim. After the first four articles, in which we analyzed the two Milan teams and the two Rome teams, today we move to Turin, Juventus side.

After a nine-year domination, the 'Old Lady' is facing a period of decline, first with the Pirlo management and this year with the return of Massimiliano Allegri. In spite of the slow start, the historic Turin team has managed to secure a place in the Champions League.

Turning to the goalkeeper side, the hierarchies are fairly defined. First, however, we would like to dedicate a side note to Gianluigi Buffon, the famous goalkeeper who spent most of his career here in Turin. He is now with Parma, in Serie B.

Having said that, we can start with the actual analysis.


Wojciech Szczesny

Unique Sorare card of goalkeeper Szczesny

32 years old, contract expiring in 2024. After experience in the Premier League with Arsenal and in Italy with Roma, the Polish goalkeeper joined Juventus. After a stint as Buffon's second, Szczesny won the starting position. Consistent with the team's departure, the goalkeeper's start to the season was negative. Insecurities, poor performances, and decisive mistakes marked the first part of his season. So much so that, initially, fans began to express discontent. But the strength of a player can be seen in times of difficulty and the Polish goalkeeper has proved to be very strong, getting up and returning to his level. There should be no surprises next year either, he is the starter.

As for Sorare, Szczesny represents a top player, at least in Seria A. An already mature profile that can be counted on right from the start.

Matia Perin

Limited Sorare card of goalkeeper Perin

29 years old, contract until 2025. Luxury second goalkeeper. In fact, he is allowed more minutes than the average second goalkeeper. Unfortunately, in view of Sorare, buying one of his cards is not worthwhile, as he is a benchwarmer, and the reduced minutes available to him do not allow for a possible investment.

Carlo Pinsoglio

Rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Pinsoglio

32 years old, contract expiring in 2023. Historical third goalkeeper and team man of the group, as well as a fan idol. A role more of representation than on the pitch. Having grown up in the club's youth academy, his presence facilitates the compilation of league and UEFA lists. Obviously, despite his character, we advise against the purchase of any of his Sorare cards.

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