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Seraing, who just avoided relegation, what about their goalkeepers?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Today let's talk about Belgian side Seraing.

For those who dont know, Seraing have four goalkeepers under contract.

Guillaume Dietsch

  • 21 years (on loan from FC Metz, no buy option)

  • Marketvalue: € 850.000 € (under23 in SO5 till 2025)

  • Sorare limited price on 2/5/22 7day average: 0.044 eth

Alex Craninx

  • 26 years (on loan from Molde, no buy option)

  • Marketvalue: € 200.000

  • No cards minted yet

Timothy Galjé

  • 20 years (contract till 2023)

  • Marketvalue: € 100.000

  • Sorare limited price on 2/5/22 7day average: 0.005 eth

Maxime Mignon

  • 31 years (contract till 2022)

  • Marketvalue: € 50.000

  • Sorare limited price on 2/5/22 7day average: 0.002 eth


Originally i didn't have the idea to actually write a small article about Seraing. A team which i expected to go down to the 2nd division, but they won the relegation playoffs against RWDM, so they are back next season in the Jupiler Pro League.

Their number 1 goalkeeper this season was very clearly Guillaume Dietsch. A youngster on loan from French team Metz. Important to know is that Metz is the parent club of Seraing, so Seraing has more players on loan from Metz (Mikautadze by far the most important one).

Out of the youth academy of FC Metz, he made his first professional appearance last season for Seraing on loan from Metz, while the Belgian team was still in the 2nd division. He had a more then decent first season and therefore it was not strange he got the possibility to prove himself this season in the 1st division. Having some caps for the French national youth teams, he actually played his first match this year for the French U21, with names as Meslier and Bajic around, that does mean something.

He conceded a lot of goals (He played 33 out of 34 matches and Seraing conceded 68 goals (only Z-Waregem and Beerschot did worse)), and if it wouldn't have been for Metz, not sure he would have been Seraing's number 1 all season, cause his level was not that consistent.

Not clear what Metz wants to do with him next season. The French club is about to relegate to the 2nd division and have four goalkeepers still under contract for next season (Dietsch not included).

Do they really believe in Dietsch, its maybe better to give him some experience as well in France, although its only the 2nd division, but what about the other 4 guys in Metz.

His contract expires in 2023, so Metz will have to come up with a future plan for him or try to make some money out of him this summer.

Current 2nd gk Alex Craninx came on loan from Norwegian club Molde this winter to give competition to Dietsch and didn't play any match, unclear what his future looks like, still under contract in Norway till the end of 2023.

Timothy Galjé played the cup matches for Seraing, and the 1 match where Dietsch was suspended. He did sign a new contract last month extending it until 2023. Which was a bit strange, as Craninx was mostly on the bench as 2nd goalkeeper since he arrived. Where Galjé figured as their 2nd goalie during the first half of the season. He was already once in the squad for the U21 of Belgium, as the 3rd gk. Would make sense he will be their 2nd gk again next season.

Maxime Mignon was the 1st gk of Seraing while they were still in the lower leagues of Belgian footbal, his contract ends this summer and dont expect it to be renewed.

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