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Our top 10 goalkeeper list revisited: How did we do?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Our blog post: 10 goalkeepers to absolutely buy right now from a few months ago is our most-read Sorare article by far, this was a post where we made a list of interesting goalkeepers to buy because of an imminent price hike. Time to revisit this article and see if it would have been worth your while.

Bart Verbruggen (Anderlecht)

First on the list was the promising second Anderlecht goalie Bart Verbruggen.

The notion was that Van Crombrugge would leave Anderlecht for another team. Van Crombrugge ended up staying. However, Verbruggen's price rose very sharply to the moon and back. Kompany started coaching Burnley and wanted to take Verbruggen with him as starting goalkeeper.

There was money to be made. And there still is! Verbruggen will get his chance sooner or later. Our initial idea is still valid, but it might take another season. I've picked up a new card a few weeks ago.

Andriy Lunin (Real Madrid)

Goalkeeper Lunin joined Madrid in 2018 but has rarely featured for the club’s senior team due to the presence of Thibaut Courtois. Our idea was that Lunin would choose for playing time. Being already 23, a move away from Real Madrid could benefit him in improving in the long run and would do wonders for his career. His contract expires in 2024. There was some interest from West Ham, Espanyol, Villareal, and Real Oviedo. After the rumors and the fact became clear he would stay at Real, his price dropped. Yet the initial idea is still valid and with a contract ending in 2024, he'll make a move soon.

Hervé Koffi (Charleroi)

Charleroi might be performing just a bit less than they used to. But the new scoring matrix is the great culprit in this case. We know the matrix is brutal for Sorare goalkeepers that tend to concede a lot and this is the case for Koffi. 10 goals against, in Koffi's last four matches, resulted in abysmal scores.

Add an overload injury for Koffi to the mix and we get a massive price drop. I thought 100 euros for a starting goalkeeper with a sub-top Belgian team was a steal, at the moment Koffi's prices limited cards are going for around 45 euros... His replacement Patron has started well, keeping the zero against Anderlecht in his first game. And also started against Standard yesterday.

Zion Suzuki (Urawa Reds)

Not much to say about Zion. He played some matches because of a recent injury of the starting goalkeeper Shusaku Nishikawa, which prompted me to sell him with a bit of profit. His price already dropped to 60 euros which is making him again interesting to buy. In Japan, there is huge respect for the 'elderly'. Younger, more talented goalkeepers wait patiently for their chance to play, instead of demanding or taking it. This is why there are many older goalkeepers still playing as starting goalkeepers and it seems to take forever for a young goalkeeper to get his chance.

Berke Özer (Portimonense)

As a transfer-free player, Berke Ozer did end up moving to a new club. A lot of rumors about Westerlo, Anderlecht, and Gent, and an expressed desire to play in Europe. You could have made a small profit on the rumors spikes. In the end, he had to settle for the bench in Portimonense with a contract till 2026. First goalkeeper Nakamura (contract till 2025) is doing pretty good and it doesn't look like he will be replaced any time soon.

Mile Svilar (AS Roma)

"It looks like he'll be challenging the spot in 2024/2025. If you're patient, Svilar is a good pick-up. His price is also dropping again so take note Sorare managers!"

This is a snippet from my blog post from a few months ago and it still as sound as a bell.

To add on, I find Svilar a very interesting trade player with loads of highs and lows. He played one game against Ludogoretz and his price almost doubled. Easy money.

Arnaud Bodart (Standard)

This is the one that got away for me personally. I wanted to buy my first rare goalkeeper at the end of last season and I was eyeing Bodart. He was on the bench for Henkinet but I didn't pull the trigger. In the offseason both Henkinet and Bodart were playing in friendly games, making it hard to predict who was going to be the starting goalkeeper for Standard this season.

"600 euros for a red card is so much money!" I thought.

He's now the starting goalkeeper for a surprisingly good playing Standard Liege and his price has doubled. Mistakes were made, mostly by me.

Koen Casteels (Wolfsburg)

I thought that Casteels was undervalued back in May, yet today his price is even lower. You can pick up a limited Casteels card for around 85 euros. I can only think again he is undervalued but make up your own mind.

Senne Lammens (Club Brugge)

Lammens is one of the two reserve goalkeepers for Club Brugge with the other one being Nick Shinton. They rotate for the position under the crossbar each week with their club NXT (second division team of Club Brugge, not covered). Lammens however seems to be a step higher up in the ranking as he is the first backup for Mignolet. Both their contracts are ending next summer and there aren't a lot of rumors about what their intentions are. The intentions of Club Brugge are more clear. Mignolet has very recently signed a new contract till 2026. A few weeks ago it had leaked that Club Brugge had made an offer on a new young goalkeeper: Chris Brady (Chicago Fire). However, Chicago Fire has no intention of letting Brady go and decided to refuse the offer. It is very clouded what the future will hold for Lammens (and Shinton). There were rumors that Mignolet would take up a staff position soon, but Mignolet is performing again on a very high level, exceeding the Jupiler Pro League.

Christian Früchtl (Austria Wien)

Saving the best for last. A limited card could have been picked up for around 85 euros when I first wrote the previous blog post. As you can see, his price rose shortly after this and limited cards could be bought (or sold) at the pinnacle for around 400 euros. That's an increase of 370%.

Today, his limited cards are being traded for around 190 euros. Früchtl moved from Bayern Munchen to Austria Wien as a starting goalkeeper and the rest is history.

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