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KV Mechelen Goalkeeping Options on Sorare: Which Players to Watch

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Today let's talk about the Belgian side KV Mechelen. For those who don't know, KV Mechelen has four goalkeepers under contract.

The goalkeepers from Kv Mechelen, cards are from Sorare

Gaetan Coucke

  • 23 years (contract till 2023 with extra 1 year option)

  • Market value: € 700.000 (under23 in SO5 till 2023)

  • Sorare limited price on 16/3/22 7day average: 0.07 eth

Yannick Thoelen

  • 31-year (contract till 2025)

  • Market value: € 400.000

  • Sorare limited price on 16/3/22 7day average: 0.014 eth

Maxime Wenssens

  • 20 years (contract till 2022)

  • Market value: € 50.000

  • Sorare limited price on 10/3/22 7day average: 0.006 eth

Senne Carleer

  • 18 years (contract till 2023)

  • Market value: € 25.000

  • no cards on Sorare yet


The number one this season is Gaetan Coucke, although only 23, already has some experience as a 1st gk. He comes from the famous talent school called RC Genk, where the last decade often young goalies had the chance the shine at a very young age, I am sure you know guys like Courtois. He had his chance 3 years ago in Genk, and played a couple of months as their 1st gk, but couldn't convince enough.

Vandevoordt also got his chance that year, but only after a couple of matches they changed him as well, to bring in Didillon on loan from Anderlecht at that moment for half a year. At the end of that season, Coucke moved to KV Mechelen where he would fight for a spot against Thoelen.

Coucke started the season 20-21 as their 1st gk, but the same happened with him as in Genk, after 3-4 months of playing he lost his spot, those same months were terrible for the club as they lost a lot of matches, even being a candidate for relegation.

Before the end of year Thoelen got his chance, and besides playing well himself the team started to improve and winning a lot of matches in a row, Coucke wouldn't win his spot again that season.

Last summer the manager announced that both goalkeepers would start from zero again and he would decide during the preparation weeks who would become the number 1 for this season. Coucke convinced him the most and became number 1. His performances are also better than last season, therefore he kept his spot, even when he was injured or ill for some weeks, and won it over immediately again. Do have to say that Thoelen played well all those couple of matches he got his chance, but the

number 1 was and is clearly Coucke this season.

Coucke is a young keeper, performing well, that means there must come some interested clubs around.

Last week the first rumors started to come (Torino, West Ham, Reims). He has a contract till next season (option to add an extra year, not clear what the details are). If Mechelen wants some money for him, it's the moment to sell. But the names of interested clubs who were mentioned, might assume its not immediately for being the 1st gk, but I can be wrong there.

If he would stay, it's also unclear what that means for next season. Vrancken (manager) will leave almost for sure. So we don't know what the other manager will think. Thoelen is also a very decent goalie with a contract till 25, so he might end up winning that spot again and Coucke might then leave the club for free. Don't know if the club wants to take that economic risk (again disclaimer: don't know the details of the extra year option in his contract). If he would leave, for sure there will come another goalie to compete with Thoelen or even immediately as the number 1, depending on who the new manager might be.

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