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Guestwriters TotalSorare on the goalkeepers of Inter (Update)

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Update: Radu has been confirmed moving to newly promoted Cremonese on a one-year loan. He will, most likely, be a starter.

Thanks to Giacomo for the heads-up!


This a new post from our Italian friends and guest writers of TotalSorare, this time about the goalkeepers of the very ambitious club Inter.

Samir Handnovic

37 years old and team captain, he has played for the Nerazzurri since 2012. For the past couple of seasons, guilty of some insecurity, he has been targeted by a part of the fans, very often in an exaggerated manner. This year, too, there has been no shortage of criticism. Given his age and, above all, the Onana transfer, which we will address later, it is difficult to express an opinion on a possible purchase of one of his Sorare cards. We believe that there may be cards better suited to the mechanisms of the platform, without taking anything away from a legend like Handanovic.

To conclude, it is only fair to dedicate a couple of lines to André Onana. The Ghanaian goalkeeper will join the Milanese club. The former Ajax player, after being disqualified for more than a year due to "doping", is ready to land in Milan, to compete for the starting place with Handanovic. Onana's profile speaks for itself. He is a player endowed with great athletic and physical skills, but lacks concentration, committing a few too many mistakes.

Ionut Radu

25 years old with a contract expiring in 2024. It is difficult to find a goalkeeper with so few minutes, but who has made an impact on Inter games. Unfortunately for Inter in a negative way. The decisive turning point in the Scudetto race sees the Romanian goalkeeper as a sad protagonist. In fact, it was his mistake in the penalty shoot-out against Bologna, which caused a bitter defeat in a match that was decisive for the fate of the championship.

Radu's future seems far from Milan, at least in the near future. In fact, a loan to Cremonese (Second division) is probable, although Reims in France is courting him. From Sorare's point of view, certainly, his current value is not high. Should he receive a starting opportunity, buying him now might be worth the risk. Have look at Radu's assist for yourself:

Alex Cordaz

39 years old, contract expiring in June 2022. He arrived in the last summer session from Crotone, to be the third goalkeeper. Having grown up in the Nerazzurri club's youth academy, his presence makes it easier to fulfill the stakes in the formation of the squad, imposed by the league and Uefa. We do not recommend a card Cordaz any time soon.

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