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Can You Make Money with Sorare?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

If I take 100 of my friends, about five of them know what Sorare is; or have vaguely heard about it, and one or two other friends have an actual account. I dare to say, that my friends are the target audience for the fantasy football platform. Youngish, sports-minded, and with a steady (disposable) income. That's roughly 7%, of what I believe is the target audience, that has heard of Sorare. Freakishly low. I was always interested in tech and/or crypto, so the step to Sorare might have been more obvious.

Screenshot Belgian supercup Sorare Marketing

I do think Sorare is scaling up in brand awareness. An example of this is the recent billboard sponsorship of the Belgian Supercup game between Club Brugge and KAA Gent. But obviously, Mbappé's announcement of being an investor helps. The French star joins Serena Williams, Gerard Pique, and Rio Ferdinand as investors in the fantasy football platform.

When I'm trying to explain what Sorare is, the most asked question I get is of course "How much money have you made?" Or "Is Sorare a good investment?".

Honest and to the point, just how I like it.

Other reactions are:

"Are you high?"

"I think it's far-fetched." Or they look at me like I'm selling some kind of pyramid scheme.

Well to answer the question: no, I haven't made any money... yet.

I'll explain my journey, this being just over 6 months in. I wasn't an early adapter to Sorare (or maybe we all still are...) or a whale. Nevertheless, this is my experience so far. I know it would be more correct to use ETH but for readability, I'm writing it down in euros.

I started my journey in January 2022, investing 500euro, with the idea to form a J-League team. It looked interesting enough and it was the "right" time to buy. I had not much knowledge about Japanese football except the obvious: Kagawa, Honda, Thomas Vermaelen (a guy I used to play against) was hanging up his boots. Iniesta is coasting. And of course, the National team playing Belgium in the 2018 World Cup, sending the entire country into delirium. There are also more and more Japanese players in the Jupiler Pro League. Ito, Mitoma, Morioka, Schmidt, ... and newly transferred J-league topscorer Ueda to Cercle Brugge.

A few months ago I reinvested 500euro to buy a Jupiler Pro League team. Much easier to follow as I'm Belgian and I had some knowledge about the league.

So the snapshot; 1000 euros invested.

So first of all, I play the limited leagues. At the moment I have two teams. Asia and Challenger Europe. That being said: My strategy is mostly to buy cheap goalkeepers with the potential to be the number one and resell with a profit, short or long-term. Since this is a blog about goalkeepers, I'll go deeper into detail about this position.

"Have I made any money trading Sorare cards?"

With buying and selling goalkeepers, I'm +341 euros up. Just a side note on this you probably don't sell cards with a loss and keep them hoping for improvement. So I'm keeping them and the € 314 result is clouded.

I've calculated the complete goalkeeper picture with the players that are on a loss including +279 euro profit. You can find the details in the roster down below.

"How much have I made with the Sorare rewards?"

These are the players I've gotten and their worth: Referral: Nestor Araujo: € 11,31 Gameweek: Na Sang Ho: € 69,98 Gameweek: Park Joo Ho: € 1,24 Gameweek: Song Ju Hun: € 0,97 Gameweek: Takaaki Shishi: € 1,24 Gameweek: Douglas Grolli: € 1,80

Rewards for playing the game: +86 euro

All in all, this is my current roster value: 1216 euros. So looking at the numbers, that's 21% in 6 months. Even in this bearish market. So have I made some money? Yes, but not really. As the profits are being reinvested into new cards. Knowing when to enter and leave markets to maximize profits and cut losses is a well-kept trick in the book of successful crypto trading. Everyone wants to get money out of a trade. But, then again, when thinking about taking profits, the question is “How much is enough?”.

As promised this is the detail of the goalkeeper trading: Kim Jin Hyeon and Hervé Koffi won't be sold anytime soon, as they are my main goalkeepers to play in the game weeks.

I'm thinking Ionut Radu price will sharply rise as he will be the starting goalkeeper for Cremonese and then I'll sell. They'll be fighting relegation anyway. I could have made more money on Verbruggen with his recent flirt with Vincent Kompany's Burnley.




Worth now


​Kim Jin Hyeon

€ 73,4


​€ 36,90

​Shusaku Nishikawa

€ ​95,74

​€ 206,12


€ 110,38


​€ 115,10

€ 168,64


€ 53,54

Rafael Romo

€ 26,99

​€ 49,88


€ 22,98

​Eric Oelschlagel

€ 29,12

€ 51,05


€ 21,93

​Eric Oelschlagel

€ 17,60

​€ 24,89


€ 7,29

Yannick Thoelen

​€ 24,50


€ 13,79

Patrick Zubczuk

€ 26,60


€ 6,29

Zion Suzuki

€ 87,85


€ 85,21

Benjamin Siegrist

€ 78,15


€ 60,98

Ionut Radu

€ 83,61


€ 83,44

Hervé Koffi

€ 112,76


€ 152

​Bart Verbruggen

€ 81,23

€ 148,00


€ 66,77

Ortwin de Wolf

€ 37,10


​€ 22,53

Andriy Lunin

€ 102,14

​€ 145,24


€ 43,10

​Joel Pereira

€ 30,27

​€ 45,95


​€ 15,68


​€ 341,67

Not everything has been rose scent and moonshine obviously. This is the worst trade I made so far. Sho Inagaki, from € 241 to € 10 in three months.

Buy high, sell low. You win some, you lose some.

Sorare Curve Sho Inagaki

"Is Sorare a good investment?" Yes. If you have some disposable income and follow football closely, you can profit from the fantasy football platform. In fact, a lot of money can be made if you put in the time, effort, and research. Remove the very, very bad trade I made with Sho Inagaki and the result would be better. But yeah, hindsight is 20/20. In Belgium we have a saying: If the cat would be a cow, we could milk it at the stove. I would explain it but I have no idea what it means. More importantly, it's an interesting new hobby to have. You can invest your hard-earned money in Bitcoin, TSLA, ..., Or even worse, buy a Bored Ape, and watch it go up, down, or sideways. At least Sorare is fun to do.

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