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Article about the goalkeepers of AC Milan

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

This is the first article we translated from our Italian friends in Totalsorare. Who is better to give some insights on Italian teams, than the Italians themselves?

We decided to start the journey with the champions 2021-2022 of Serie A, AC Milan.

First of all, let's start by reporting some numbers. The Rossoneri team finished the league with only 31 goals conceded, the best defense together with Napoli.

A limited Sorare card of goalkeeper Maignan


26 years old, a running contract until 2026. The French goalkeeper arrived in the last summer transfer window, in an extremely delicate situation. Milan had been hurt by the unexpected 'betrayal' of Donnarumma, a boy who grew up in Milan. Despite being adored by the fans, after a long soap opera on the renewal of the contract, the Italian goalkeeper decided not to renew, and transferred on a free transfer to PSG, attracted by a lot of money. “Magic Mike”, because of his personality and massive talent did not struggle to establish himself within the Milanese environment and made the fans forget Donnarumma real quickly. Solid and decisive performances, overflowing personality, and feet like a playmaker, are the elements of Maignan's success. He also had a massive influence in the title race. Awarded as the best goalkeeper of the league and recognized as one of the best in Europe, his Sorare profile is proven quality, but with a high cost. Quality has a price.


A super rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Tatarusanu

36 years year old, contract until 2023. Not all heroes wear a cape, but when it was needed, Ciprian was ready to perform.

He found himself having to replace Maignan, for almost a month and a half, at an intense and crucial moment of the season. The iconic penalty save from Lautaro Martinez, in the first-leg derby was essential to maintain the balance and avoid a scorching defeat. He proved to be a reliable, experienced second goalkeeper as well as a silent team player. 36-year-old and a second goalkeeper, we do not recommend buying his cards.

A rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Mirante


38 years year old, contract to expire in 2022. After a life spent in Serie A, first as a starter with Parma, then as second goalkeeper in Roma, Mirante arrived as a free player. Given the emergency that hit the team towards the end of October, with the injuries of Maignan and the young Plizzari, the club decided to protect itself by putting Mirante under contract. Since his arrival, he has not played even a minute, thanks to the convincing performances of Tatarusanu and the early return of Maignan. We do not know the future of the Italian goalkeeper, so far there have been no signs of renewal. We do not recommend his Sorare cards for obvious reasons.

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