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Scouting the Future: A Close Look at Sorare's U23 Goalkeepers

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Pun intended.

I was researching a limited team to compete in the Sorare Challenger Europe and after buying a few players and discussing the options with @Elgelba, he noted that I could have a decent under-23 team with some improvements. And he was right. For some reason, I have a tendency to buy young football players... I also rewrote this last sentence about 7 times so I don't end up on some kind of list.

But back to the matter at hand; getting a competitive -23 team.

Welcome to the Sorare goalkeeper dilemma and the reason we started this blog. The 'problem' position as always was a starting goalkeeper, even harder for an under 23 team. So I started scouting for possibilities.

Scouting for u23 Sorare goalkeepers on SorareData, of which play about 50% of the time, gives about 28 players. Yet the real money is in the players that only have started a few games and are still under the radar of the large public.

Diogo Costa The first goalkeeper of Porto FC. A known name I imagine. Costa had a run as first-choice goalkeeper when Marchesín was injured. Contract till 2026. After helping Porto to an unbeaten run of sixteen consecutive league games, during which he kept eight clean sheets, he was named the league's Goalkeeper of the Month for four consecutive months. I did not buy Costa because he's worth a pretty penny... I'm actually downplaying it, he's expensive as fuck, and he also featured on our most expensive goalkeepers on Sorare blogpost. There was/is a transfer rumor going around connecting him with Newcastle.

Marmarshvily, Marmrdashvili, Giorgi Marmardashvili

If you play football manager, you already know this wonderkind. The 21-year-old is one of the most exciting young keepers around the world right now. With popularity comes transfer rumors: Manchester United is following the goalie. However, a deal seems unlikely at this time.

Tweet about Mamardashvili

Valencia has some amazing goalkeepers under contract. Domènech, Marmardashvili and Cillessen. Cillissen has recently opted for a transfer to NEC and fan favorite Marmardashvili won the battle for the goalkeeper position after an amazing debut last year. The Georgian goalkeeper has been an important figure for Valencia last season. Check his stats in the tweet. His contract runs till 2024, with an option to extend for a further year.

Radoslaw Majecki

Limited Sorare card of goalkeeper Majecki

is a Polish goalkeeper who currently plays for Cercle Brugge, on loan from Monaco. In 2013 Monaco came up with the plan to buy a foreign club. This way, the French club could let players who are not yet ready to play with the A-team mature with a foreign team. Majecki is one of those players, so the plan was always there to get him to start games and accumulate playing time. Radoslaw Majecki is a Polish international who joined Monaco in 2020. He previously played in his country at Legia Warsaw. He then helped the club to become national champions in Poland. In 2021, Majecki had a strong season, he helped AS Monaco far in a cup adventure of the club. Monaco reached the final of the cup with Majecki in goal but lost to PSG. In my own search for a cheap under 23 goalkeeper, I ended up with Majecki.

Christian Früchtl How many players can say they won the Champions League and 4x Bundesliga champions at only 20 years old..., well, Fruchtl can. Playing for Bayern Munchen does help of course. Fruchtl is a youth international for Germany. Last month he transferred to Austria Wien for more playing time, where he has the hard task to replace Patrick Pentz. Austria Wien's start of the new season wasn't all that great, 1 of 9 points and

they already had a -3 points deduction at the start of the season because of a license infringement. Although his Sorare scores weren't that good, Fruchtl did leave a good impression and his card has mid-week utility as Austria Wien will play in the Europa League.

Christian Früchtl is also featured in our blog post: 10 approved Sorare goalkeepers to absolutely buy now. If you would have bought then, and sold right now, you would have x4 your money.

Niklas Hedl Another u23 Sorare goalkeeper from the Austrian Bundesliga. Hedl plays in the Austrian league for Rapid Wien and is a youth product of the Rapids academy. He's also a youth team international for the U21 of Austria.

In April of 2022 Paul Gartler got injured and Hedl was his back-up and did very well. Before the start of the season, it wasn't clear if Hedl would be the number 1, as Gartler was back from injury, but he kept his spot and did fairly well so far.

Jay Gorter Gorter is one of the three goalkeepers under contract with Ajax. The other two are Pasveer and Stekelenburg. The position of the first goalkeeper at Ajax has been up for discussion the last year. Remember the Onana saga... I've made a blogpost about the Ajax goalkeeper situation a few months ago. There has been huge speculation about who will be the first goalkeeper for Ajax this year. Gorter was the obvious choice, young and talented, the choice for the future. This is also reflected in the price of Gorter's cards. Unfortunately, Gorter started the first game of the season, Supercup against PSV, and made a few mistakes. In the next game he was benched for Pasveer, which seems rather harsh. The Sorare Discord channel went mental and the most asked question was: Gorter of Pasveer for about a week. Yet that doesn't mean that Gorter is burned. He will get a new chance sooner rather than later.

Fabian de Keijzer

Limited Sorare card of goalkeeper De Keijzer

After Maarten Paes got sold to MLS club Dallas back in january 2022, Fabian took the first goalkeeper spot and his price skyrocketed. Due to an injury to De Keijzer, Oelschlägel was allowed to play the last games of the season. Oelschlägel was also named in our 10 approved Sorare goalkeepers to absolutely buy now blogpost. De Keijzer price dwindled a bit where he is now relatively cheap to pick up.

By the looks of his latest post on social media, his return to first-team football is imminent, if he can take back his spot from Barkas that is.

Oliver Christensen

I love a good nickname. Christensen's nickname is "Gribben fra Kerteminde"... But wait, it's even better in English. "the vulture from Kerteminde". Keterminde is his hometown. He got the name because of his large wingspan.

In August of last year, Christensen was sold to the german club Hertha BSC and after the injuries of Lotka and Schwolow, he played both games in the relegation playoffs and kept Hertha in de Bundesliga. He also started in the first game of the season for Herta last week and seems the be the number one for this season. Herta might be heading for a difficult season and with his under 23 utility in its final year, I believe there are better options. Nevertheless, enjoy the vulture of Kerteminde his dance moves.

Ivor Pandur

Pandur recently transferred from Hellas Verona to Fortuna Sittard on a one-year loan move, Fortuna also acquired an option to buy. He was the second keeper at Verona and at this time he is the second keeper behind Van Osch. A transfer to go from being number two to being number two isn't the best career management in my opinion, or we might not know the full story. It is our opinion he might get his chance soon as the first keeper of Fortuna. When the new cards get minted, he might be an interesting buy.

This concludes our blog post about the u23 Sorare goalkeeper to watch.

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