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12 Tips from the Pros: The Art of Finding a Sorare Goalkeeper

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

So you want to buy a new goalkeeper for your Sorare squad? You'll need to do some research before dropping money into an NFT. With the limited cards, you can take a gamble once in a while as their prices are low but when moving into the more expensive cards, we don't advise taking many gambles.

Here is our complete checklist for buying a Sorare goalkeeper:

Research => Tool: Google News, Transfer market & Discord

  • Read the news about the player and understand why he is the first or backup goalie.

  • Check if there are other goalkeepers under contract and their experience.

  • Understand the manager's history with goalkeepers.

  • Understand the club's situation, and possible transfers/rumors.

History => Tools: Google &

  • Check the experience of the goalkeeper in the squad.

  • Check how many seasons the goalkeeper played as a starter or backup.

  • Check which level the goalkeeper played as a starter.

  • Check how much money was paid to the goalkeeper.

Contract status => Tool:

  • Check when the contract ends and if there are negotiations for a new one.

  • Be cautious if the contract ends within 12 months for starting goalkeepers.

The Age Dilemma => Tool:

  • Consider the age of the goalkeeper before buying.

  • Ask what will happen if the goalkeeper loses his starting spot.

Other tools we use are various discord channels. If you are checking if Fuzato will remain with Ibiza or will leave when they relegate, chances are somebody else already had the same question. Of course, SorareData is a must-have if you are 'serious' about this game.

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