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11 goalkeepers i wouldn't buy right now.

Updated: Jul 20

With goalkeepers i do like to give you one crucial tip. When you buy a goalkeeper do check the news about him. There is always a reason why a goalkeeper is cheap to very cheap. Doesn't mean you shouldn't buy him, cause there can be a very good personal reason you do want to buy him, but do check any possible news. These are 11 goalkeepers i shouldn't buy at the moment with the specific reasons why.

1). Andreas Luthe (35 years - Union Berlin/Kaiserslautern):

A super rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Luthe

If you follow the bundesliga a little bit you must know this guy. Played most of the matches this season as gk for Union Berlin.

He moved officially to Kaiserslautern very recently, team who just won promotion to the 2.bundesliga.

Luthe is 35 years old, with that age he is taking a step back to keep on playing as a starting goalkeeper, something that became

very doubtfull next season in Berlin. With the age he has it doesn't look we will see him playing again in the 1.bundesliga and therefore losing his complete utility within the platform. We can only hope

Sorare start covering the 2.bundesliga asap.

2). Wim Vanmarsenille (19 years - Sint-Truiden)

A super rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Vanmarsenille

3rd goalkeeper from Belgian side Sint-Truiden with a contract ending this month. He is currently on trial with 3rd division team Tienen (1st amateur). When you are a young 3rd goalkeeper and the 1st 2 goalkeepers are injured, this must mean the chance of a lifetime and show your talents. Well, he didnt even got that chance, as they signed a goalie on loan for a couple of matches in the January month of this year.

Out of contract and confirmed of not signing a new one, his utility looks over (if there ever was one). There are stories, but really not a lot, of young goalkeepers going down to a 3rd-4th division team and show up again later on in their career, in the 1st division. Thats really an exception.

3). Vid Belec (31 years - Salernitana/APOEL)

A limited Sorare card of goalkeeper Belec

At moment of writing, it was not completely confirmed, but it looks like Belec will be playing for the next two seasons in Cyprus. The same team where he was on loan couple of seasons ago, when he went on loan to APOEL for a season, coming from Sampdoria. Played most of his career in Italy, with almost 70 matches in the serie A.

Moving to Cyprus does look like his utility is gone in Sorare. After those 2 years dont think he will still be an option in the serie A. Do have to say his utility is not completely gone as APOEL often plays in European competitions. Next season they are in the qualifiers for the Conference league.

4). Manolo Reina (37 years - Mallorca/Malaga)

A unique rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Reina

Although his transfer to Malaga is not official yet, it is highlikely the transfer will be completed the 1st of july. Reina will play in the 2nd Spanish division after his move from Mallorca. Going back to his childhood club, looks like completing the circle of a decent professional career.

With the age he has and no coverage of the Spanish 2nd division, looks like his utility is over within the platform. Unless Sorare comes up with a big suprise and cover the 2nd divisioin.

5). Diego Lopez (40 years - Espanyol)

A super rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Lopez

Ok it's not always about age, but with Lopez you have to look at it very rationally. He turns 41 this year and will leave Espanyol this summer after not renewing his contract. Although still very fit for his age and played a more then decent season, there is a time when you have to think how long his career will be.

I do see him play another season or 2 somewhere, but if that would be in the highest spanish division remains to be seen and unlikely for me. Going a league down or being a 2nd gk somewhere would make more sense.

6). Dominic Kotarski (22 years - Gorica)

A rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Kotarski

When Kotarski officially moved to Croatia after this season on loan, all card owners were relieved as a starting u23 goalkeeper stayed in a Sorare covered league. Then the news came he was about to sign for PAOK in Greece. At moment of writing, transfer was still not officially confirmed, it does look he will end up in Greece. And as you know this league is not covered at the moment.

PAOK does play in Europe, in the qualifiers for the Europa Leaue, but utility will be limited to those matches. As their current 1st goalkeeper Paschalakis is out of contract this summer, it does look like he will be their starting goalkeeper.

7). Munir Mohamedi (33 years - Al Wehda)

A limited Sorare card of goalkeeper Mohamedi

After playing 2 full seasons at the number 1 in Turkish side Hatayspor, Munir signed recently for Saudi-Arabian team Al Wehda on a 2-year contract. The Saudi team recently won promotion to the highest Saudi league.

Don't think this needs much more explanation. I personally do hope they once start covering a league in the Middle east, as there is as well a huge fanbase. Now utility for Munir will be gone, team doesn't play AFC champions league or others. After his contract it has to been seen where he will end up, as before Hatayspor, he never played in the big leagues.

8). Orestis Karnezis (36 years - Lille/end of career)

A super rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Karnezis

Wanted to include one of those guys who actually stopped being an active player. After a quite ok career, ending his career this month in Lille as their 3rd/4th goalkeeper, there is no utility anymore for the Greek gk Karnezis.

I still see people buying him now, hoping for something like: an utility in future for retired players or trying to have a very cheap goalkeeper for their treshold teams in Rare.

9). Janis Blaswich (31 years - Heracles/RB Leipzig)

A unique Sorare card of goalkeeper Blaswich

Same nationality as Luthe, different story. Four seasons in a row he was the 1st gk of Heracles in the Dutch eredivisie. After this season, moving to RB Leipzig, his time as a 1st gk looks over, as he clearly stated he wanted to belong to a Bundesliga team again with the age he has.

Although Heracles really wanted to keep him on board as their 1st gk (luckily he didnt do that, as Heracles relegated to the 2nd division).

In Leipzig you have Gulasci, who is the clear number 1 for next seasons and Vandevoordt coming in 2024, its obvious he will be the back-up keeper or even 3rd. Looks like no utility for him the next seasons to come.

10). Lucas Pirard (27 years - Union SG)

A limited Sorare card of goalkeeper Pirard

There must be some utility on this guy no? Well, short term, nope there is not. He recently renewed his contract till 2024, there a very very fixed starter in Union, being Anthony Moris. There is not any reason why Pirard should become number 1, unless Moris should end up being injured. He will play the cup games but those are not covered within Sorare.

On the longterm off course he once can become the number 1 somewhere, but do you really want to keep him for years until he can actually become number 1? Do know that people buy/bought him as they own Moris as well and therefore always have the starting goalkeeper of Union in their team in case of Injury or suspension.

11). Benjamin Van Leer (30 years - Sparta)

A rare Sorare card of goalkeeper Van Leer

I don't want to sound like a gossip magazine, but in his case i have to. You have WAGs (wifes and girlfriends) and i dont know what they call the husbands and boyfriends of famous sports woman, HABs does make sense. Well, Van Leer is the boyfriend of Lieke Martens. If you dont follow Womans football, she is one of the stars of Barcelona and will move most probably to PSG this summer. Barcelona was actually looking to find a team near Barcelona for Van Leer (FC Andorra from Pique was rumoured) but in the end she will move to France.

Van Leer once was a very decent goalkeeper in the Eredivisie, playing for more then 3 seasons in the league as the starting goalkeeper for Roda JC and NAC, even making a move to Ajax. After his last 2 seasons in Sparta being benched, it doesn't look that great for his near future, at least not for Sorare managers. Don't expect him to end up as a 1st gk in a covered league, especially with the fact that is being the boyfriend of Martens, and might want to live and play closer to Paris.

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