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10 goalkeepers who recently signed for a new team

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

1. Sergio Asenjo:

Limited Sorare Card of goalkeeper Asenjo

He was in the last article about goalkeepers out of contract. As mentioned then, it was likely he would sign for Valladollid, and now it's confirmed he signed with his former team (before Villarreal and Atletico Madrid he played for Valladollid). Although Masip did sign a new contract with the team, it looks clear who will be defending their goal this season, as Asenjo came to Valladollid for a reason and become the clear number 1 again.

2. Luis Maximiano:

Unique Sorare Card of goalkeeper Maximiano

He officially signed with Lazio after playing a very good season in Spain, where he defended the colours of Granada, but couldn't prevent relegation to the 2nd division. It was obvious he would leave and not staying a season in the 2nd division. Even before relegation was there, rumours were already around Lazio was interested (although they were linked with like 10 different goalkeepers). Paying more then 10 million euro it does clear who will be number 1 in the Italian capital, but actually it's not. It does seem like Lazio wants to sign Ivan Provedel as well. Provedel was the number 1 last season with Spezia, where he kept Jeroen Zoet on the bench for most of the season. Does Provedel really would move to Lazio if he would be number 2, doesn't really make sense. Lets see what will happen with the keepers this season in Lazio.

3. Kontantinos Lamprou:

Rare Sorare Card of goalkeeper Lamprou

Playing for Zwolle last season as their starting goalkeeper, Lamprou neither could avoid relegation with his team. Rumours were around that he would move, but a small surprise that he actually signed for another 2nd dutch division team Willem II. Together with Zwolle they relegated from the eredivisie. Unless there is a huge surprise and Sorare will include covering 2nd divisions (not going to happen) there is no utility for him this season. Ok Willem II will play for promotion and if you can wait for a season, you might be able to use him again in 2023, but that's a lot of maybe, maybe, maybe.

4. Patrick Pentz:

Super rare Sorare Card of goalkeeper Pentz

Also amongst the list of players out of contract, i am quite surprised he signed for a French team, as he signed recently for ligue 1 team Reims. It does look also good for his utility as he was linked a lot before to 2nd tier team A. Bielefeld from Germany. That utility will only be there if Reims actually sells Rajkovic, their current number 1 and still under contract till 2023. Rumours were already there for the last months that Rajkovic would move, but for now there is nothing around his name. The french press does see it sure Rajkovic will move, but more and more teams are making their squads, so i am very curious where he will end up.

5. Pepe Reina:

Limited Sorare Card of goalkeeper Reina

Reina still had a contract with Lazio until 2023 but came to an agreement to move to Villarreal on a free transfer. Villarreal is the team where he became the undisputed number 1 at the beginning of his career and like this closing the circle of his career. Unfortunately i don't expect him to have some utility for the remainder of his career. Although there were some small doubts about Rulli during the season, Reina has to give him competition, but Rulli normally will stay as number 1 for Villarreal

6. Stefan Bajic:

Unique Sorare Card of goalkeeper Bajic

I don't think i am the only one, but i used to buy this guy all the time when i was playing Football Manager, anyway this is reality. A transfer already announced weeks ago, only officially since the beginning of the month making a move to Bristol City. Although he did play some matches, he was actually the back-up from Etienne Green in Saint-Etienne. Second half of the season he made minutes in the ligue 2 playing for Pau. Moving to Bristol City, doesn't mean there is utility for him (English championship is covered in Sorare). Daniel Bentley is the club captain and number 1 goalie in Bristol for the last years. Although he only has a contract till 2023, there is no reason why Bentley wouldn't be the number 1 gk if he stays in Bristol, there are no rumours at the moment, so it just might mean Bajic is the back-up goalkeeper for the full season.

7. Steve Mandanda:

Rare Sorare Card of goalkeeper Mandanda

Marseille legend Mandanda actually moved to another club within France, signing for Rennes. With the arrival of Mandanda, Alfred Gomis looks like he has to leave Rennes, as there will be no room for him anymore (as the French press indicate). Rumours of him moving to England are there, but no specific team mentioned. With Turkish toptalent Alemdar in Rennes, its not completely sure Mandanda will be number 1 the full season. Alemdar is a huge talent, and keeping him benched the whole season, doesn't look like the smartest move for his development. He did show he is up for the challenge against Mandanda, and the experienced French keeper can help the Turkish youngster in his development for sure.

8. Ivor Pandur:

Super rare Sorare Card of goalkeeper Pandur

I really regretted i didn't buy him some weeks ago, when he still was cheap. Under 23 for 2 more seasons, Pandur made a move on loan (from Hellas Verona) to Dutch eredivisie team Fortuna Sittard, with a buy option. In Fortuna Sittard he will be fighting for the 1st spot against Yanick Van Osch, who played most of the matches last season for the Dutch side. Last winter Fortuna Sittard brought in Verrips as an extra goalkeeper and it was expected he would play, but Van Osch kept his spot, playing already for 2 seasons in a row as the starting keeper. The ambitious team (they also signed Burak Yilmaz) will have 2 decent goalies, but bringing again a new goalkeeper, it does look Pandur will have his chance to become number 1 there. But Van Osch did it once, he can do it again and convince the staff of staying number 1.

9. Ionut Radu:

Limited Sorare Card of goalkeeper Radu

I don't think you should mention his name to much to Inter fans (he played one match last season making a huge mistake, you can read all about it in our recent post about Inter. Romanian gk Radu played his full career in Italy. Playing for Genoa he played more then 50 matches in the serie A as their gk (on loan from Inter (and then bought him and sold him)) and therefore was the name to become the number 1 in Inter after Handanovic. But Handanovic kept on playing very well and Radu couldnt take his spot. With a season on loan to recently promoted team Cremonese, he has to play and show he can go back to Inter and battle against Onana in 2023. It does look very sure he will be the starting goalkeeper in Cremona, as last season keeper Carnesecchi is back from his loan to Atalanta.

10. Seung Gyu Kim:

Unique Sorare Card of goalkeeper Seung Gyu

Same story as for Ospina (who signed his contract already in Al-Nassr), Kim signed for another Saudi-Arabian team Al-Shabab, a contract till 2025. If Sorare would already exist longer then 2014, he would have had utility for almost 10 years playing in South-Korea and Japan. But now that's over, as Saudi-Arabia is not covered. I (and many with me) keep on hoping Sorare once starts covering a middle eastern country and Saudi-Arabia seems the most logical country, but it can be false hope. You do can use him still for international matches, as he is the starting goalkeeper for South-Korea.



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