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10 Sorare goalkeepers to buy for Champions Europe

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

10 goalkeepers Champions Europe for the 22/23 season.

All gk spots start to be filled in, in all European leagues, time to give you some ideas. The 10 goalkeepers I will talk about, are goalkeepers who have their spots secured for the season to come. Of course, there can always happen something, but under normal circumstances, these guys will give you utility for a full season. There are many other goalkeepers I could talk about, but some I see as way too expensive and some are not that 100% sure of their spot. Some will have more utility than others, but everything comes with a price.

1. Alexander Nübel

Sorare goalkeeper Nubel rare card

Who doesn't know Alexander Nübel. German goalie Nübel is now for the second season in Monaco. Another season on loan from Bayern without a buy option. He still has a contract with Bayern until 2025 (Neuer until 2024 btw). Monaco managed to end number 3 last season in league 1 after a very good end of the season, which assured them of European football until wintertime. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to classify for the last round of the champions league playoffs, so we will find them in the Europa League, which is not necessarily bad for SO5 utility. No need to worry about the competition this season as they brought in Didillon from Cercle on loan for a season. Majecki did the other way around and went on loan to Cercle to gain some game time and maybe convince Monaco in giving him a chance next season. He is not cheap, for around 1.7 eth you can buy him right now, but you have him for at least another 43 matches this season (37 Ligue 1 matches left and at least 6 European matches).

2. Bono

Sorare goalkeeper Bono super rare card

Trofeo Zamora winner Bono had a very good season last year with Sevilla, ending 4th in the league, just 1 and 3 points behind Atletico and Barcelona. One of the best goalkeepers in la Liga, Bono is a very safe bet for this season. Until some years ago it never really looked like Bono would arrive at the top level in European football. As he only played for Girona in la Liga before he moved to Sevilla. A top keeper in a top team that at least plays European football every season. Don't expect them to actually battle for the title in Spain, but another top 4 spots should be more than possible, and therefore makes their goalkeeper an interesting choice. The utility for Bono in Sorare is huge. 38 la Liga matches, European football at least 6, and most probably more, as most of the time Sevilla does still play in Europe after the winter break. And he is playing in the world championships for Morocco. In a group with Croatia, Belgium and Canada it might be limited to only 3 matches, but around 50 games all over the season sounds realistic for Bono. Of course that comes with a price, around 1.7 eth for him at this moment (rare).

3. Rui Patricio

Sorare goalkeeper Patricio rare card

Portuguese top keeper Patricio played a very solid season for AS Roma ending 6th in the league but winning the conference league. If Sorare would have existed 15 years ago, this would have been the Diogo Costa (Porto) from his time. Since 2007 he was for more than 10 years the starting goalkeeper of Sporting. His move to Wolves was rather unexpected at that time, but if you check right now how many Portuguese players are playing for Wolves now, it made sense afterwards. Wolves do seem to like not only Portuguese players in general but also keepers, as Jose Sa is their new number 1. Rui Patricio moved from Wolves last season to join the project of Jose Mourinho in Roma as their starting goalkeeper. Not really any competition for him last season (Fuzzato was the number 2, who moved now to Ibiza in the Spanish second division). But with talented Belgian goalkeeper Mile Svilar in Roma, it does seem the competition will be a bit higher. Svilar was brought in on a long-term base, meaning at a certain point he should be the next number 1 goalkeeper of Roma. With Rui Patricio still under contract until 2024, it does seem clear who will be the starting goalkeeper till then. 38 league matches check Europa League at least 6 matches check Portuguese number 1 not check. It does seem he lost his spot to Diogo Costa. The last sale (rare) was around 1.5 eth.

4. Agustin Marchesin

Sorare goalkeeper Marchesin limited card

Argentinian gk Marchesin was benched last season with FC Porto, where Diogo Costa won over the 1st gk spot, but he just signed for Celta who ended 11th last season in la Liga. Celta is the typical midtable team, with better and worse seasons. Just to give you an idea, in their last 3 seasons they ended 17th, 8th and 11th. Marchesin signed for 3 seasons and at least this season for sure will be the number 1. Number 1 last season Dituro, was not bought by Celta, on loan from U. Catolica of Chili. (Good to know is that Blanco might come back next season after his loan to Marseille, so let's see for the season after), but this season there is not really any kind of competition in Celta for 34-year-old Marchesin. You can buy him for around 0.75 eth (rare) at the moment of writing and gives you utility for 38 matches of the La Liga season. His goal is to go with Argentina to the world cup (not that weird, as he has 8 caps), but being their starting goalkeeper during the world cup is not realistic.

5. Marco Bizot

Sorare goalkeeper Bizot unique card

Also within Champions Europe, not all goalkeepers are that well known. In Benelux and France, they might know him by now, but other countries may not be that familiar with Marco Bizot. Dutch Marco Bizot made a rather unusual move to France last season and transferred from AZ. Like many other decent Dutch goalies, he spend a big part of his youth in Ajax and made his professional debut for Cambuur (in the 2nd division at that time). When playing in Belgium for Genk, he did not really convince and lost his 1st gk spot until he moved to AZ, where he was the undisputed number one for four seasons in a row. In Brest, he immediately took the spot of Larsonneur, who was their number 1 for 3 seasons in a row. With him gone this season on loan to Valenciennes (where he took the spot from Chevalier who went to Lille after his loan spell), there is not really any competition for him this season, besides young Blazquez. You can only use him for the Ligue 1 matches. Brest is a midtable team but does know that it would be quite logical if they end up in the 2nd half this season. After some good performances last season his name was rumoured for the Dutch national team, where they are actually struggling in finding the goalkeeper, but with Flekken and Cillessen around that would only mean as their 3rd option, not the number 1. The last sale (rare) was for around 0.83 eth.

6. Koen Casteels

Sorare goalkeeper Casteels super rare card

Belgian goalkeeper Casteels starts to be part of the furniture in Wolfsburg, as he will start his 8th season in a row for the German team. Wolfsburg had a very disappointing season, only finishing 12th in the Bundesliga. The team, who normally is one of the main contenders for European football, even were battling against relegation for a while last season. Just to know that the 3 seasons before 21/22, they qualified for European football. Casteels is the gk in Wolfsburg with not any real competition around. Pervan played some matches last season when Casteels was injured, but as soon as he was fit again, he took the number 1 spot. If the team can battle for those first spots in the Bundesliga again, you might have yourself a very useful goalkeeper, not only for the current season. Although he is quite likely in the Belgium squad for the World Cup, with Courtois you know he will not be a starter for Belgium. Casteels is on the market right now for around 1.05 eth (rare).

7. Marco Silvestri

Sorare goalkeeper Silvestri rare card

Most of the goalkeepers in this list have a lot of experience as starting goalkeepers on the highest level, but not with Silvestri. Playing for Udinese since last season, the Italian goalkeeper only became the starting goalkeeper in the Serie A during the season 19/20 for Hellas Verona. He did play some seasons in the Serie B and is one of the few Italian goalies who tried his luck in England, but not on the highest level. He did defend the colours for two seasons of Leeds United (in the Championship at that time) playing all the competition matches for two seasons in a row. Udinese is a midtable team but doesn't expect them to classify for European competitions. 38 league matches are certain, with veteran gk Padelli around as his back-up. The last sale (rare) was made for around 0.88 eth.

8. Kevin Trapp

Sorare goalkeeper Trapp limited card

Kevin Trapp, the goalkeeper from Frankfurt is a safe bet for this season and most probably for some more to come, despite his age (only 32 though). Very experienced goalie with more than 10 years as a starting goalkeeper, you might remember him as the goalkeeper from the French giants PSG, when the money started to come in from Qatar, he made a move from Frankfurt to Paris. Although he performed as their number 1 for almost two seasons, he eventually lost his spot to Areola. Not playing a full season, decided to go back to the sender and move again to Frankfurt. For more than 4 seasons he is their number 1 and that doesn't seem to change very fast, with veteran Grahl around as the number 2. He is also part of the German national team as their number 3, although last international game weeks he was even their number 2, with Ter Stegen not around. Don't expect him to make minutes in the world cup. As Frankfurt won the European league last season (remember that win against Barcelona), they will play in the champions league and therefore a utility of at least 6 matches more, this together with the 34 league matches in the Bundesliga. The last sale (rare) was made for around 1.05 eth.

9. Bernd Leno

Sorare goalkeeper Leno unique card

German goalie Leno recently made a move to Fulham from Arsenal. After losing his spot to Ramsdale last season, it was clear he should move this season to win game time, especially when Matt Turner was signed as well. There were rumours of him moving to Benfica, but in the end, Fulham signed him. For 10 seasons in a row, he was the first goalkeeper in Leverkusen (7 seasons) and Arsenal (3 seasons). With Rodak in Fulham as the current first goalkeeper, (who they seem to see as their first gk in the championship, he played the last season and 2 seasons before. the season 20-21 when Fulham was in the premier league they signed another goalie (Areola)) But it's safe to say Leno will become number 1 very soon. There are not that many cards of him, but for 1.2 eth (rare) you can pick him up. He didn't start against Wolves, but you will be able to use him soon and therefore have utility for around 34-36 matches. Although he has 9 caps for Germany, there are many others in front of him, assuming he will neither make it to the world cup squad, where Neuer, Ter Stegen and Trapp are expected to be the 3 goalies.

10. Yvon Mvogo

Sorare goalkeeper Mvogo super rare card

Swiss goalkeeper Mvogo signed for the French club this summer. He was playing for PSV for 2 seasons being on loan from RB Leipzig. Although the first season he played almost everything, last season he was mainly benched after Drommel joined the club, but did win his spot again for the last few months. It was certain he would move elsewhere as there was no space for him in RB Leipzig. That he ended up in Lorient was maybe a surprise, but at least it's where he will have the starting spot secured. Lorient battled against relegation all season but managed to stay in Ligue 1. And that's what you have to know as well, with the new matrix coming, Lorient is a team which will be in the 2nd half of the table. A good season would mean ending around the 10th position, a bad one would mean relegation. Their starting goalie last season was Nardi, until Dreyer took over his spot in wintertime. Both are still at the club, but it's clear Mvogo is the number 1, especially after his great performance from last weekend in the first league match. You can buy Mvogo for around 0.85 eth (Rare) atm. The utility will be for a max of another 36 matches. He does have some caps for Switzerland and he might end up in the national squad, but doesn't look like he will be a starter soon with Sommer, Omlin and especially Kobel around.

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