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10 goalkeepers out of contract, where will they end up?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Here we are with 10 goalkeepers who are currently out of contract and therefore can sign with any possible club. If you like to gamble, this might be something to look at, you just don't know if they would end up being a 1st or 2nd gk somewhere and if they end up in a Sorare covered league.

1. Thomas Strakosha:

Unique card of Sorare goalkeeper Strakosha

Ok most of you must know this guy, Albanian interternational and just out of contract with Lazio. He had to fight this season to win his spot again against Reina, but in the last 5 seasons he played over 100 matches for Lazio. Linked with Chelsea, Fulham and Newcastle during the last weeks/months, it looks like his future will be in the Premier League. Depends with team he ends up, but doesn't look like a certain starter for me, especially if you see which clubs he is linked to. Rumours do indicate that he asks to much money and therefore didn't came to an agreement with Fulham and Newcastle. Newcastle signed Pope already, so that does seem like a no-go for Strakosha.

2. David Ospina :

Super rare card of Sorare goalkeeper Ospina

Another known name in international footbal, Colombian goalie Ospina. He is still in this list as he officially didn't sign anywhere, but it's as good as certain he will sign for Al-Nassr and lose his utility almost completely. Yes i am saying almost, cause Al-Nassr competes in the Asian competitions and you might use him for a couple of matches. I still keep on hoping Sorare starts covering a middle eastern competition, and the Saudi league seems like a good option to me. As mentioned it's not official yet, and in the last months Ospina was linked with a lot of other teams, not always as a first keeper. Playing almost a full season as number 1 in Napoli does bring a lot of interested teams, especially when you are out of contract. Linked to Real Madrid, Villarreal and Lazio, chosing Al-Nassr looks like the choice for being the number 1, yes or yes.

3. Sergio Asenjo:

Limited card of Sorare goalkeeper Asenjo

Spanish goalie Asenjo has a long track record in la liga and is out of contract, who will sign this experienced keeper? Another question that comes to mind is what would happened with his career if he would have had less big injuries, especially the first years. After signing for Atletico Madrid coming from Valladollid, he looked like a future star keeper within Atletico and the spanish national team, but injuries let him down. After signing for Villarreal. In the 9 seasons playing for the 'yellow submarine' he played almost all of them as their number 1, losing his spot this season to Rulli. It does look like he will end up somewhere as a number 1 goalkeeper, although decision should be taken very soon to make sure he arrives somewhere as a number 1. A lot of teams within Spain are interested in his services and were linked with him the last weeks/months. Espanyol, Mallorca and what looks like a very logic option, Valladollid. The team which gave him the first possibilities in professional football and recently won promotion to la liga again. But first gk Masip just renewed his contract for 2 years.

4. Berke Özer:

Rare card of Sorare goalkeeper Ozer

Turkish talented goalie Özer just ended up as a free player after not renewing with Fenerbahce. Honnestly you dont see that often a young very talented goalie ends up being a free agent. As you can imagine a lot and i mean really a lot of teams are interested in him. Up to him to make a choice and it does seems he is waiting to make a decision on where he can become the number 1. Playing for two seasons in a row in Belgium (season 19/20 and 20/21), for 2nd tier team Westerlo (they just won promotion now to the jupiler Pro League), it's quite obvious Belgian teams are amongst the rumours. Anderlecht and Gent informed already, but it doesn't seem he would a number 1 there, unless somebody leaves. Playing more then 10 matches in the Turkish league this season for Fenerbahce and playing quite well he confirmed his talent, just unlucky Bayindir is in Fenerbahce or he might have become their number 1. Besides the Belgian teams, Rangers were often amongst the rumours and more recently Trabzonspor as well, which would only happen if Cakir leaves i assume.

5. Luca Zidane:

Super rare card of Sorare goalkeeper Zidane

Surname must ring a bell to you, yes this one of the sons of Zinedine. He is out of contract after 2 years with la liga team Rayo Vallecano. Now he only played around 8 matches this season in la liga, before this season he only played 2 other matches on the highest level when he was still with Real Madrid (maybe his father had to do something with that). As a number 1 he played on loan for Racing Santander a full season, before moving to Rayo, where he couldn't win the battle for 1st keeper against Dimitrievski. Out of contract, there is a lot speculation going on. It started with 2nd division team Oviedo, but more recently Auxerre (promoted to ligue 1) were linked with Zidane. In the last couple of days his name is popping up a lot with Alaves, who just relegated to the 2nd division in Spain. A low tier ligue 1 club or a 2nd division team in Spain, it does make sense for him at this stage in his career. For the Zidane card owners, hope he doesn't end up in the Spanish 2nd division, but my guess would be that it would make most sense for him.

6. Patrick Pentz:

Unique card of Sorare goalkeeper Pentz

Austrian number 1 goalkeeper Pentz is out of contract after spending all his career at Austria Wien. He recently got his chance as goalie of the Austrian national team, where played a huge match against France. Doesn't seem certain he will remain the number 1, but he marked his name for sure to all Europe. You would think this must bring in much more teams interested in him, but for now there are not that many rumours yet. Staying in Austrian doesn't seem like a genuine option, so Germany looks the most logical move for him. Before you all start buying this guy, cause yes he is a quite good goalkeeper. The biggest rumour goes around A. Bielefeld. They just lost Ortega to Man City, but they also just relegated to the 2nd bundesliga, which is still not covered for now in Sorare. Some time ago he was also linked to Schalke, but they got Schwolow on loan from Hertha. Still some teams in Germany might look for a goalkeeper, but also Spain, Italy and the English championship are still searching, and a goalkeeper like Pentz might just be the free transfer they are looking for.

7. Salvatore Sirigu:

Rare card of Sorare goalkeeper Sirigu

Italian veteran Sirigu is just out of contract after spending a season as the number 1 in Genoa, a team who relegated to the serie B. For more then 10 years he figured as the mostly number 1 in several European teams like Palermo, PSG (yes the number 1 for 4 years in a row), Sevilla (he wasn't the number 1 there), Osasuna, Torino and Genoa. At the age of 35 this might be the end of being the starting goalkeeper somewhere. Rumours of the last days are around Napoli and Lazio, but that doesn't sound like teams where he would be the number 1. Although in Lazio you never know and he might be a solution for only next season until they find another longterm solution. As mentioned in the intro, free transfers is like gambling in sorare where you might be lucky or not. All signs indicate in this case you would take a huge risk in buying him hoping for utility, but you never know.

8. Joel Robles:

Limited card of Sorare goalkeeper Robles

Spanish goalie Robles is just out of contract with Spanish team Betis Sevilla, where he was the number 3 goalkeeper this season behind Bravo and Rui Silva. When you take a fast look into his history as a goalie, its really obvious he only played 1 full season as the starting goalkeeper, which was 2 seasons ago in Betis. At the age of 32 he played for different teams like Atletico Madrid, Rayo, Wigan, Everton and Betis. Although he did play some matches for each team, he never became the undisputed number 1 in neither of them. Robles not playing any match this season doesn't make it easy for him to find a new club, especially if he would want to be number 1. Osasuna and Elche were rumours during the last weeks, but Osasuna signed Aitor Fernandez to give competition to Herrera (does seem nothing more then competition as Herrera played a very good season) and Elche will search for other options. He did got linked to the English Championship some months ago, without mentioning any teams, but also uncertain for me if that would be as a number 1. The last days no rumours were in the media.

9. Richard Strebinger:

Unique card of Sorare goalkeeper Strebinger

Another Austrian goalkeeper, with already an internation cap behind his name. Strebinger just got out of contract with Polish topteam Legia Warschaw, which he joined only 4 months before on a free transfer from Rapid Wien. For the Austrian team he played more then 6 seasons, most of them as their number 1 goalie. Suprisingly enough there are not really rumours yet around him, which is strange cause this is a quite decent goalie and he can be a good deal for many clubs.

10. Martin Fraisl:

Super rare card of Sorare goalkeeper Fraisl

It does start to be a bit boring, but this is another Austrian goalkeeper, no international caps yet, but could have happened last month as he was the back-up in 3 matches for Austria. Fraisl played a good season in Schalke 04 winning promotion to the Bundesliga with the German club. Playing for 2nd division teams in Austria and Germany before, he only played at the highest level with Eredivisie team ADO Den Haag season 20/21, relegating to division 2. He was not brought in at Schalke as their number 1 but convinced during the whole season and made a very good impression after he won the starting spot. Although there was always a possibility he would renew in Gelsenkirchen, he didn't sign a new contract. A lot of clubs might be interested in him. Scottish topflight team Rangers was a very strong rumour for a while, but nothing recently anymore. The most recent rumour is about Sunderland, who won promotion to the English Championship, as he just started following them on instagram, dont know if that actually counts as a rumour anyway.

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